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Randy directors forced me to become producer

Wumi Olabimtan on her interview tell how many time married couples sould have sex in  a week

UK-based Yoruba actress, from Gbongan in Osun State, Wumi Olabimtan, has just produced four films of her own, namely;

Ashabi Iya Agba

Amunisin and Alumooni.

making it seven films she has produced since making a debut in Nollywood in 2003.

 In this interview, the mass communications graduate of the Polytechnic Ibadan opens up why she became a producer among many other issues. 

What made you relocate to the UK?

I relocated to UK to start my family life and further my education at the same time. My fiance was there all along, I only relocated to meet him and we got married properly.

 Wumi Olabimtan Can you tell the story of how you became an actress?

 I started my acting career in 2003 under the umbrella of Wemimo film school in Ibadan and later proceeded to Ayo Oluyemi filmmaking school, where I completed my course.

 So, how did you take up your first role and what was the experience like?

 I had my first appearance in Ayo Oluyemi’s film, where I was cast alongside Saheed Balogun and the late Henrietta Kosoko.

I felt so terrified because all eyes were on me, which made me anxious on set. I later busted into tears when I couldn’t remember all the dialogue given to me due to anxiety. But Henrietta Kosoko and Ayo Oluyemi reassured me that mistakes are allowed on set. 

At the end of the day everyone on the set applauded me after the scene and that restored my confidence as a new actor on set. 

So, how and why did you become a producer?

 I have encountered a lot of humiliations since I started my acting career in 2003.

 Most of the producers, directors and production coordinators couldn’t give me a role to showcase my talent without attaching sex to the conditions.
 The only producers who gave me prominent roles were Ayo Oluyemi and Baba Wande. I couldn’t get roles in movies due to the fact that I could not date any of the producers or directors.
 So, I made up my mind in 2007 that I would not go to any location again except Baba Wande or Ayo Oluyemi’s productions until I have my personal fund to produce.

 I have wasted money and my precious time travelling to locations only to be turned away because I would not succumb to their amorous terms. I was once evicted from a location after spending three days without a scene due to the fact that I said “no” to the producer.

 And I can never forget the night I was thrown out of an hotel in Ibadan around 11.40pm in 2005  because I couldn’t sleep with this particular actor/ production coordinator. 

 Was this before you married or after?

 mmh, all this happened before I got married.

what are the challenges you now encounter as an actress?

 Combining matrimony with acting career is not an easy task but due to my unrelenting passion for acting, the Lord has been good. 

The gossips ruin homes but I thank God for the kind of husband I married, he supports and motivates me all the time.

 Do you come to Nigeria to shoot your films or you shoot in UK, using UK based actors?

 I usually come to Nigeria to shoot my movies but I do shoot few scenes in UK if the script requires it at times, but not in all my movies. 

How should a married woman keep her man from cheating? 

The first and most important thing is by making herself available for sex whenever he knocks the door. 
A woman should be ready for her husband anywhere, whether in the shower or toilet, and dressing up to his taste all the time.

 Should a woman walk out of her marriage because of her hubby’s infidelity? 

We all have our differences and we should be able to tolerate each other as a couple, but if a man cheats on his wife intentionally and continuously, then the message is just too simple “ Love is no more” that is when the woman can walk away. 

Why are Yoruba films so poorly subtitled?

 Not all Yoruba films are poorly subtitled, but with the few that are poorly subtitled, it could be due to typographical errors. And in recent years, our subtitling has improved and error-free. 
I totally disagree, I can’t count up to 10 out of a thousand that are properly subtitled? 

I totally disagree with your view as well  because I watch Yoruba movies with critics, and subtitles are one of the improvements I have noticed.

 Maybe you are talking about old films though.

 How far can you go with a romantic scene in a movie as a married woman?

 There is a limitation to my playing romantic scenes and if I do at all, I play it sensibly. Whoever I play a romantic scene with understands that I’m a married woman and my husband understands my profession as well. As an actor, you can’t restrict your acting. Most of our viewers don’t understand our romantic scenes, they believe they are real. We have loads of people behind the camera watching us, though all romantic scenes  are supposed to be sensible and logical not immoderate or over dramatized.

 Even as a married woman, do men still make passes at you? 

Of course they do, but I deal with it in a polite manner because some might not know that I am married. When men make passes at married women, then the answer should be no as long as the marriage is still intact. A woman who cheats on her husband is not decent and not worthy to be a wife. 

Why is it that female actresses tend to be richer and more successful than their male colleagues?

 Not all female actors are richer than male actors, some male actors are richer than female actors as well. And if it appears a female actor is more prosperous, it may be because she gets supports and appreciations from wealthy fans but for the men, they tend to have many responsibilities to taker care of and people hardly give them gifts. 

Moreover, some of our fans support female actors than male actors, by showering them with gifts and financial supports to appreciate them. Showering them with gifts and financial supports without strings attached? It is not all the supports that have attachments, but I’m not disputing that some are attached to something else either.

 But I still stand on my point that some of our male actors are successful than female actors.

 How often should a couple have sex? 

The man’s libido determines it but if I would advise, three times a week is okay. 

So a woman should not initiate or ask for sex from her husband, and must wait for the man to make the move?

 I didn’t say that. 

Women can make the move but  three times a week is okay to have sex as a couple, either through the initiation of the woman or the man. 
But if the husband wants it more than three times a week, then the door should be opened widely all the time, that is, if the woman can cope and be ready to get older quicker. 

So too much of sex makes women age?

 Scientists have found that signals from the sex organs can influence the ageing rate of the body. 
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