Thursday, 8 February 2018

Nigerian Students politics and academics Premier Reality movie (show) registered now

The present situation of infringement on students rights, nepotism, impunity,  extortion, rustication and expulsion of innocent students from the institution on union matter, That has taken deep root in the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria at all levels. Especially in polytechnics and universities, this call for urgent, realistic and results oriented steps to avert the trends and reposition our educational system positively. 

This will no doubt enhance the restoration of lost values, rebuild and rebirth of our noble institutions, and give federal and state government the insight of what those they appointed to manage the institution are doing, , enthrone proper ideal and desire behaviour and as well encourage excellence among students.

The movie will create purposeful opportunity to demonstrate and showcase the idea educational environment on campus politics and academics activities to the audience, who will be mostly Nigerian students at all levels, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, including teachers, lecturers and parents.

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Our intention is to present the true educational environment of higher learning build on bad relationship between students unions and management of the institution across the country, the script written by the embattled SUG president, ken saro wiwa polytechnics,  in the niger delta region, titled "THE SUG DIARY".

The true educational environment should be build on good relationship between the students union and management of the institution and all should be equal before the law of the institution and encourage academics freedom which is an integral aspects of the educational system.

This idea can only be obtained in an institution were students unions are independent.

This project will offer ample opportunity and platform for reward of excellence as motivation and as well re-enforcement of better performance among administrators of tertiary institutions and lecturers in Nigeria and encourage students unions to remain resolute and committed to the protection of students rights in the institution.

The movie will serve as vacation entertainment programme for students at all levels, lecturers and parents.

It is a true story in Nigeria and indeed a true family entertainment movie (show ) for Nigerian students, lecturers and parents. Who will not want to miss the programme, it will be professionally package and present to become premium quality must watch education and entertainment programme for family members.

The beauty pageant"Face OF S.U.G. NIGERIA" is an event package for female nigeria students, to showcase their beauty and intellectual acumen, star prize is one million naira, registration is on, @ www.sugdiary.com


To create effective and consistently demonstrate showcase true story about our educational system via Tv show for the purpose of rebuilding and repositioning the system to standard.


To channel our observations through medie such as television and magazine. And recommend way forward to improvement of our education system and restoration of the lost values of standard in Nigeria.

To as much as possible present the academic environment and the standard as currently obtained in Nigerian. To special enlightened parents, stakeholders and government the present situation.

To present the situation for correction purpose and offer opportunity to participants and improvements among lecturers.

Targets audience.

Students,parents and lecturers.
political and academics reality movie Nigeria. 
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THE SUG DIARY:  is a book,  written by the embattled SUG president in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Background; the book present situation of infringement of students rights, extortion, political victimisation, nepotism, expulsion of innocent students and it consequences leading to arm struggle, militancy and illegal bonkry and psychological problems etc.

The Rector involvement in cultism while he alleged that the SUG president is a cultist and continue to harassed, intimidate, and politically victimized any students leader that stand tall to defend the right and interest of the students this has taken deep root in the institution of higher learning, especially in polytechnics in niger delta region. Watched the movie,  S.U.G. DIARY.

Life is about learning. Don't miss this opportunity.

For registration/ partnership/sponsorship: contact; Global learning development initiative (GLDI) @ 20 premabiri  street, D/line, port   Harcourt. Tele: +2348068245879, +2348037337047,+2348034909005
visit; www.sugdiary.com

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