Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The 10 qualities that every man must have

Here are the qualities that a man must have to be sexy in the eyes of women:

1, Strength - We do not mean the number of push-ups that you can do, even if nice bibs do not hurt. I speak of strength in the sense of strength of mind. That kind of strength with firm feet on the ground of one who knows-who-is. There is nothing more sexy than a stable man, able to control those impulses and the anger that when young could have had the better of him, whose silent confidence in itself transmits, without trace of arrogance, the fact that has nothing to prove to anyone.

2, Vulnerability - A man will never be strong unless he is also vulnerable. It means that he will be able to tell you what he wants, when he fears something, how you make him feel, what error he wants to fix, what he feels overwhelmed, what is able to put him on his knees. Without transparency there can never be true intimacy, that particular ingredient that can make sex remain sexy even when the initial blow of infatuation has been exhausted.

3, Integrity - The ingredient that distinguishes boys from men. However impressing you are at the beginning, the womanizers, the rascals, and the narcissists use lies, parlor tricks, and skylarkers, and they do it for their own benefit. There is nothing sexy in the man who pretends to be what he is not, in the one who lacks every depth of feeling, and the one who does not care how many corpses he leaves on the street. If you asked me to choose between taking Don Draper to bed (the mysterious character of the "Mad Men" series) and Atticus Finch (the anti-racist lawyer of "The Dark Beyond the Hedge"), I would always choose that lawyer from the so persuasive tones.

4, The intellect - A beautiful mind is sexy. The IQ is fine, but it's just part of the intelligence. For me a critical thought, an insatiable hunger for knowledge and an ability to express oneself with originality represent a sort of singing of the male sirens. I do not care how handsome a man is; if he can not fascinate me with his mind, there will not be any chemistry between us.

5, Lo humour - A man with no sense of humor is like a cold shower on his legs. For me it is frankly impossible to relate to someone who is ultra-fussy, hyperserio and rarely laughs. As far as I'm concerned, intellect and humor are inseparable bedfellows. Intelligent people are able to grasp the nuances, and to identify the humorous side of every situation. Even their kind of spirit matters a lot. Even if a guy is sexy, if his idea of ​​humor is not in tune with mine, even the sexy will not stay sexy for long.

6, The heat - To try to relate to someone who is perched beyond a wall is an exhausting activity. Understanding, empathy, a ready smile, an easy laugh - character traits and responses of this kind are disarming, in the best sense of the term. Kindness is sexy. It just is.

7, Generosity - Avarice extinguishes us. Not just the economic one, but the sentimental one. If on the one hand squandering your money and your feelings is a sign of lack of self-control, or self-esteem, standing there counting small change and denying genuine contact indicate a preference for things rather than for people. I have also found out that, as lovers, the misers are not up to their most generous counterparts. Going to bed with someone who is held, physically or emotionally, is not sexy.

8, Affectionate - Affection is warmth in action. A sweet kiss touched behind the neck as it passes. The palm of a hand that slips into my jeans and squeezes my knee. Rest with your head on my stomach because it is one of his favorite places. A man who loves touch as such, regardless of whether it leads to sex, is sexy.

9, Attention - Until not too long ago I found myself attracted to men so ambitious that they seemed to be driven by an engine. What I have learned is that that kind of "ambition" often does nothing but mask its insecurity, greed and aggression, all qualities not even remotely attractive. Attention - the ability to be aware and to be present, even if the moment is painful to you - is the highest form of ambition, because it imposes a commitment to personal growth that is certainly not for the weak of heart. A man able to transmit a quiet trust, to remain calm and balanced even in the face of problems, makes me dissolve.

10, Cooperation - The only place I want to feel dominated is the bedroom, and yet it requires my consent. In any other context I aspire to a man who does not try to dominate me, who understands the need for compromise, reciprocity, communication and respect. I have no time or patience for those who feel the need to play games and control women in order to feel like men.

11, Self-assurance in sex - True self-assurance in sex has nothing to do with the size of the penis, with the right moves and notches on the mattress. Distilling is a quiet sense of authority, an ability to read the movements of my body and the rhythm of my breath, a sensual linger in the moment that does not necessarily have to do with looking into the eyes, but always requires the desire to be vulnerable, and present at the moment. A man with a sexual charge, able to control his impetus and with a firm grip on his capacity for sexual expression, is able to transform me into a blink of an eye in a woman who is condescending, breathless and perpetually excited.
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

BBNaija: Nigerians react as Khloe, Cee-c ‘fight’ over Nina

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Khloe has come under attack following her argument with Cee-c and Nina.
Khloe on Tuesday engaged in a heated argument with Cee-c.
This was after Cee-c and Nina engaged in a quarel over food.
It all started when Nina ate part of Cee-c’s share of their breakfast without her permission. But realizing that Cee-c was angry, Nina quickly apologized.
Khloe, who had already made clear her intention of “being an elder sister” to Cee-c before returning to the show, ‘bought’ the matter from Nina and confronted Cee-c to a near-fight argument.
However, Nigerians have accused Khloe of meddling in issues that do not involve her.
They called on the newly-returned housemate to learn to mind her business and stop being an interloper.
Here are some comments  from Twitter:
@papiseelz ” Khloe should be disqualified again what’s her business in ceeC and Nina fight why didn’t she go and confront Nina besides she was asking both of them what happened and they didn’t bother to answer her why then picking on CeeC
@Quedusse “Bringing back housemates is actually not a crappy idea. Khloe has been outside and has seen and heard all public opinions on the house. All i see her doing now is just acting out what she learnt the fans would want. Picking on Cee c nd all that.
@Cracylyn “If you all haven’t seen through Khloe & Anto’s strategy, then I’m weak!!!! So fighting Cee-C is what will make me vote Khloe?
@NikeOnas “Khloe is an ungrateful bitch!You were disqualified and had a rare opportunity to go back but still behaving like a cursed soul
@Koyinsola “Khloe can’t even speak English yet she wants to be the loudest in the house. Better sort out that speech impediment before chatting to anybody kmt.
@Theodora_mary “I just wanted to let you know that Khloe is very stupid like very stupid.. Very very.. Why interfere.. Is this her idea of clearing Cee-C..she’s dumb
@Queenfatimaa “Khloe is finally happy. I’m sure she has been waiting for a fight to start so she can jump in and fight Cee-C
@Vels20 “Khloe is a fool. ..so she thinks teaming up with Nina to fight Cee c will get her the money.
@Chezzymillis “That Khloe that looks like native Earth worm is a big loser, Cee c came for the money, you hor a second chance but came for Cee-c.

Source: DailyPost
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I can act nude if my man is cool with it — Hannah Ogundare

For sharing sensual photos of herself on social media, alluring Nollywood actress, Hannah Ogundare, is yet to recover from the barrage of tongue-lashing she has been getting from fans and critics who find the act disgusting and unbecoming of a public figure. 

Hannah Ogundare The pretty role interpreter who has secured an enviable spot for herself in the make-belief craft has decided to stoke the embers of the fire which is still burning with another shocker. 

In a chat with Potpourri, she said the photo which has since gone viral and attracted mixed reactions were mere photos from the set of a yet-to-be released movie. “I’m actually being misunderstood, because that photo was taken on a movie set. I dressed according to what the script writer wrote in the script. The script writer said a lady with big boobs should wear something revealing. 

Since I don’t have big boobs but I could interpret the role, I had to wear what would make my boobs look big so that it would rhyme with what was written in the script”, she said. She berated those who have negatively criticized her for uploading revealing photos of herself on social media. According to Hannah, as long as her partner is cool with whatever she does, she doesn’t give a hoot about public opinion. 

“I really don’t care what people say about me because they don’t know the real me. As long as I’m doing what is stipulated in the script and my man is okay with it, then whatever anybody says doesn’t matter to me at all”, she retorted. She added that if her partner approves it, she may consider going nude on set if the opportunity presents itself. 

“I really don’t know if I can go nude on set. But on a second thought, this is the 21st Century; things have really changed. If my man is okay with it then maybe I can go nude on set”, she concluded. 

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Lionel Messi admits difficulties playing together with Dybala

Argentina captain, Lionel Messi has admitted that it is difficult to play alongside fellow teammate, Paulo Dybala in the national team.
Messi said he had struggled to partner with Dybala on the pitch because the Juventus star plays just like him.
The Barcelona star believes both of them are more comfortable playing on the right, which has hurt their chances of forming a partnership in the Albiceleste squad.
“I spoke to Paulo about [those comments], what he said is the truth,” Messi told FoxSports .
“At Juventus he plays just like me, we look for the same spaces. Alongside me in the national team he had to play more on the left, maybe he’s not so used to that.
“It is harder for us to play there, I rarely venture down the left-hand side. On the right we can cut inside and we have the whole pitch in front of us.
“The truth is that I understood exactly what he meant, there was nothing that needed clarifying.”
Messi and Argentina will be back in action on Tuesday against Spain in an international friendly match, having beaten Italy 2-0 on Friday without their captain.
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Atiku sings presidential ambition, seeks Wike, Rivers PDP support

FORMER Vice President Atiku Abubakar Tuesday declared his 2019 presidential ambition before Governor Nyesom Wike, calling for support of Rivers people to see him through. 
Atiku, whose consultation train visited Wike at the Government House, Port Harcourt, said he is on a mission to set the country on the path of growth in the state of “serial failure” of the All Progressives Congress, APC, led federal government. Since 2015, he said, the APC Federal Government has destroyed the nation’s education, health and infrastructural sectors through poor budgetary allocations and releases. 
“Since 2015, we have not seen a 100kilometres constructed by the APC Federal Government anywhere in the country. I have never seen Nigeria so divided along religious, ethnic and regional lines as a result of the mismanagement of the APC” He called on Rivers PDP Stakeholders to support his ambition to emerge as the party’s Presidential Candidate. 
Responding, Governor Wike said sacking the APC federal government in 2019 was a solemn responsibility all Nigerians owe the nation over perceived non performance of the President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration.
 He, however, cautioned that, “Every Presidential Aspirant must see himself as a member of the larger PDP family. We must do everything to ensure that PDP returns to the Presidential Villa in 2019. “Only one aspirant will become a candidate. 
We will do everything to ensure that the party comes out with a candidate that has a track record to upstage the APC” In company of the former Vice President were former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former Enugu Governor, Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo, former Attorney General of the Federation, Michael Aondoakaa and Senator Abdul Ningi.

Source: VanguardNewspaper
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Dapchi schoolgirls: Kidnap, release curious – Afenifere

The Pan Yoruba Socio-political group, Afenifere on Tuesday revealed that there are more that meets the eyes on the recent kidnap and release of the Dapchi girls.
The group said there was curious drama that surrounded the whole kidnap and release of the girls.
Addressing journalists after the monthly meeting of the group at the residence of its leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti in Akure, the Ondo State capital, Afenifere spokesperson, Yinka Odunmakin said President Muhammadu Buhari and the United Nation must investigate the allegations levelled against the Nigeria Military by former Chief of Army Staff and Minister of Defence, Theophilous Danjuma.
Afenifere described Danjuma’s claims as an eye opener to the fact that there was a state aided-genocide going on in Nigeria at the moment.
The group called for full scale investigation by the Nigerian authorities and the UN.
It said “we ask the United Nations rapporteurs on genocide to investigate what is going on in Nigeria because if this disaster unfolds into full scale war, the international community would have a deep problem on its hands.
“They must investigate the genocide and bring the appropriate international sanctions against Nigerians government for promoting and aiding and abeting genocidal conduct by armed Fulani herdsmen across the country. ”
Afenifere also demanded the immediate disarmament of “the exclusive terror machine” in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen and the reorganization of the architecture of security of the country to reflect federal character.
“Meeting noticed the recent comments on ethnic cleansing across the country and the complicity of the Armed Forces by T Y Danjuma. Danjuma was taken seriously because as former Chief of Army staff and Defense minister, he knows and has a deep knowledge of the military and could not have opened his vein.
“Meeting further observed that those even without that kind of knowledge have enough circumstantial evidence to come with that conclusions given the following:
“The President and commander in Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari after the January Killings in Benue, advised the governor of Benue state to go and find accommodation for their neighbours, ostensibly their killers.
“The Inspector General of Police, who ordinarily is the chief law enforcer of the country, openly declared that the killings in Benue were communal misunderstanding and that the killers were Nigerians after all.
“The minister of defence also blamed the killings by herdsmen on the fact that their cattle routes had been blocked by farmers.
“At the Senate security sitting early this year, the Director General of DSS declared openly at the summit that most of the sophisticated weapons being used by terror gangs were from the armories of the Nigeria Security Forces and we are putting it in public space for over three weeks they have not done anything on it
“The military in responding to Danjuma allegations claimed they are neutral in the one sided killing that is going on in Nigeria when those who should enforce the law and ensure that the killing is stopped and killers are arrested claimed neutrality and all they are saying is that they have become referees when Nigerians are being slaughtered in droves .
“This is the greatest admission of the fact that the state aided genocide going on in Nigeria when the army begins to claim responsibility.
“The UN must investigate the genocide and bring the appropriate international sanctions against Nigerians government for promoting and aiding and abbeting genocidal conduct by armed Fulani herdsmen across the country
“The government that declared IPOB that has not killed one soul as a terrorist group is now making excuses for the Fulani herdsmen, they are driving this country on the road to Kigali,” Afenifere stressed.
The Yoruba group also asked the President to use the same strategy used in securing the release of the Dapchi girls to effect the release of Leah Sharibu and others in Boko Haram captive.
“Leah and other girls in custody, including the Chibok girls that are still outstanding, and the government is doing nothing about it; we call on Nigerians government to do the kind of arrangement that they did that brought back the 101 girls, for Leah Sharibu and the remaining Chibok girls who have been forgotten,” Afenifere said.

Source: DailyPost
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European champions Portugal suddenly look shaky

European champions less than two years ago, Portugal are suddenly looking shaky in the run-up to the World Cup with key players suffering a dip in form and a central defence showing its age.
Coach Fernando Santos admitted before this month’s friendlies against Egypt and Netherlands that, compared to Euro 2016, it was proving much more difficult to finalise his squad for this year’s tournament in Russia.
Monday’s 3-0 drubbing by a Dutch team who failed to qualify for the World Cup would not have brought him any comfort, although it might have helped to decide who to leave out.
One thing abundantly clear was that Portugal still need Pepe in the central defence.
The Brazilian-born player, nursing a broken toe but expected to play again next month, is 35 and playing his club football in Turkey rather than with Real Madrid, yet was sorely missed against the Dutch.
The makeshift pairing of Rolando and Jose Fonte, also into their 30s, were all at sea as Portugal shipped three goals in 35 first-half minutes.

Santos had hoped to give 20-year-old Ruben Dias his international debut but the Benfica defender pulled out due to injury. Bruno Alves, the other main option who played in Friday’s 2-1 win over Egypt, is 36.
One of Santos’s biggest headaches is that many of his key players at Euro 2016 have lost their way at club level.
Renato Sanches has suffered the most dramatic fall from grace. The dread-locked midfielder barely got a look-in after joining Bayern Munich in 2016 and has spent this season on loan at Swansea City where injuries and lack of form have badly affected his confidence.
Adrien Silva missed four months of the Premier League season because his move from Sporting to Leicester City was not registered while Andre Gomes has barely featured at Barcelona.
Joao Mario, on loan at West Ham United after falling out of favour at Inter Milan, is a shadow of the player who featured in France and left back Raphael Guerreiro has had an injury-plagued season at Borussia Dortmund.
There is still plenty of talent.
In midfield, William Carvalho is as reliable as they come while Joao Moutinho and Bernardo Silva offer creative options.
In attack, Andre Silva remains a bright prospect despite difficulties in settling at AC Milan and the gifted Ricardo Quaresma brings a touch of the unexpected.
And, of course, there is captain Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s all-time leading scorer and most capped player, but the squad lacks strength in depth as Santos admitted last year.
“Portugal has group of players of very high quality but in numerical terms, we don’t have a large number,” he said. “It’s important they are always in good form.”
A rather dour figure even in good times, Santos struggled to look on the bright side after Monday’s defeat.
“The result made us poorer but the experience left us richer,” he said. “We never want to work on the basis of defeats but we have to know how to draw positive conclusions.”

Source: Euronews
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Monday, 26 March 2018

Arsene Wenger tells PSG to stick with Unai Emery despite rumours linking him with Ligue 1 club

Arsene Wenger has told Paris St Germain they should stand by current manager Unai Emery. It comes amid intense speculation that the Ligue 1 club will look to make a change this summer. 

Emery has only been in charge since 2016, but their Champions League exit at the Round of 16 stage earlier this month has put the Spaniard under pressure. If a change is made, Wenger would be in contention to replace him if he is relieved of his duties as Arsenal manager. 

Arsene Wenger has long been linked with PSG (Getty) MORE: FOOTBALL Ryan Giggs reacts to Luis Suarez open goal miss in China Cup final GOSSIP Done deal: Chelsea beat Spurs to teenage wonderkid Dolphin watching to meeting Maradona: How overlooked internationals have spent the break But Wenger hopes that scenario won’t present itself. ‘I always was close to Paris St Germain and supported always PSG,’ he told beIN Sport.

‘Personally I believe Paris St Germain need to have stability and that Unai Emery has suddenly been ejected by the whole media. But that decision is not to be made by the media but by PSG.’ 

He continued: ‘Watching from outside Unai Emery for me is a very competent person and if PSG want to move forward that they need a project based on stability. So I’m not like you [the media] thinking Unai Emery should go. ‘People are always very quick to make rapid decisions. 

Once they’re in charge it changes a little bit.’
As well as Wenger, former Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel is also being linked with the role.

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Mino Raiola says Manchester United saved themselves £100m on Paul Pogba

Renown football agent Mino Raiola claims Manchester United saved themselves up to a £100 million when they signed Paul Pogba for £89m from Juventus in 2016. The France international midfielder broke the then-world transfer record in his blockbuster move to his former side.  

However, Raiola has revealed how a clause in Pogba’s Juventus contract allowed him to join the club of his choosing. 

With that clause being the reason why Real Madrid failed in their attempts to sign the 25-year-old from Juventus, despite offering the Serie A side a considerably higher transfer fee than United. ‘Paul was an economic player,’ Raiola told Quote. ‘A clause was included in our agreement with Juventus, which let him choose his next team by himself. 

Agent Mino Raiola represents a number of high-profile footballers including the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marco Verratti (Picture: Getty) ‘I don’t push prices beyond limits. 

United spent £100m, but I think they would’ve had to pay £200m [without the clause]. ‘Yes, you heard that right. Juventus could’ve sold him to Real Madrid for £200m, but but Manchester United saved themselves £100m thanks to his clause. ‘That way, the player was always in control of his future and able to make a decision independently.’ 

Pogba’s Old Trafford career has taken a marked turn for the worse in recent weeks after a dip in form and falling out with Jose Mourinho resulted in him being relegated to United’s bench. His cameo appearances since have been uninspiring, resulting in him losing his automatic starting position in Didier Deschamps France squad ahead of this summer’s World Cup in Russia.

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The secrets of casual sex

The secrets of casual sex. Even women do it for pure physical pleasure. Women also launch into casual sex to pursue pure physical pleasure, without any kind of relational or emotional involvement.

Women also launch into casual sex to pursue pure physical pleasure, without any kind of relational or emotional involvement .

This is revealed by a study by the University of Ottawa, aimed at demonstrating how the boundaries between male and female sexuality are far more vague than one might actually think. And although for many the discovery is certainly not a surprise, the traditional dichotomy that sees the gentle sex only moved by feelings, opposed to the masculine gender pushed by the instincts, is overcome. With a clarification: the romantic and emotional phase is not lacking, but it would come only later.

The study was conducted on a representative sample of 510 Canadian women, to understand what are the reasons that push the female gender to launch in an occasional relationship, such as the typical one night stand after a night of disco dancing. Although the common imaginary wants the figure of the woman linked to mental attraction and falling in love at first sight, the reality of the facts is more similar to the male universe: aesthetic appeal, desire to satisfy a physical drive and simple fun are the answers most requested by the interviewees.

"As expected," explains the research published in The Archive Of Sexual Behavior, "women have confirmed greater physical motivations for casual sex and greater emotional motivation for that in a stable relationship".To confirm the purely aesthetic and instinctive nature of hit and run sex, the most popular responses from the champion: having sex because the recently known partner has "beautiful eyes", for the "good smell" or simply to defeat the boredom of an evening too monotonous. An orientation that would be confirmed even at the time of the loss of virginity, where the majority of the sample confirms that the first time was more driven by the curiosity to discover sex rather than love towards the partner. 

The scenario changes completely, however, when the relationship is more than consolidated: the erotic encounter becomes a way to "show affection", to "communicate at a deeper level" or to solidify the union of the couple.
Naturally, the goal of research is not to undermine female sexuality, nor to put it into specific categories . "There are still hypotheses that explain how women seek sex only for emotional reasons," says study co-author Heather Armstrong, "or use sex because they want a long-term partner. These results suggest alternative explanations ".

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Twitter to ban cryptocurrency adverts on its platform

Twitter Inc is to ban most advertising of cryptocurrencies on its platform, joining Facebook and Google in a clampdown on the nascent industry, the company said in a statement. 

The San Francisco-based firm will this week launch a policy that prohibits advertising of initial coin offerings (ICOs), a form of crowd funding used to raise cash by creating new coins. 

Also adverts that promote token sales and crypto wallet services, the company said in a statement. The policy will also ban adverts from crypto-exchanges, with some limited exceptions. Twitter said this month it was taking measures to prevent crypto-related accounts from “engaging with others in a deceptive manner’’, but it has faced calls to go further after bans by Facebook and Google. 

Facebook restricted crypto-related adverts in February, while Google announced a ban on March 14 that comes into force in June. 
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Pope thanks Italy police for protecting him from ‘crazy’ terrorists

The Italian police does splendid work in protecting the Vatican from “crazy” terrorists, Pope Francis said Monday. Pope Francis “These people sacrifice themselves to protect the pope, to protect the people, to make sure some crazy guy does not do something, a massacre, and ruins many families,” Francis said. 

His unscripted remarks came at the end of an audience with Italian police officers who act as the pope’s security detail on Vatican and Italian grounds. “I am grateful for your vigilant presence and for the assistance you give” during religious and public events in St Peter’s Basilica and around the Vatican, he added. In its propaganda, the Islamic State terrorist group has often singled out the Vatican and Rome as a key target, and security services are on especially high alert ahead of Easter. 

Rome police said heavy goods vehicles, public demonstrations and weapons and explosives will be banned in central Rome from Thursday to Easter Monday, April 2. It also said that a terrorist alert, triggered by an anonymous letter to the Italian embassy in Tunis warning that a 

Tunisian man was planning an attack on Rome, had passed. The man, Atef Mathlouthi, told RAI Italian state television from Tunisia that he is “not a terrorist,” and according to Rome police, he “does not at the moment pose a real and present danger.”

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Autoerotism: here are the mysteries of sexuality

Autoerotism: here are the mysteries of sexuality. Female masturbation is still one of the most burning and mysterious themes of sexuality, something that is not spoken openly because it concerns the most private and solitary private aspect of life

Female masturbation is still one of the most burning and mysterious themes of sexuality, something that is not spoken openly because it concerns the most private and solitary private aspect of each one's life . In fact, female self-eroticism is still one of the great taboos to be broken because, despite the sexual freedom of today, it carries with it that halo of immorality, shame and often a sense of guilt typical of Western societies.

But no!

"I like myself, I want a lot of good, I know how to give myself pleasure and therefore, yes I also make love with myself!" Finally !

The most cunning men know this well and soon: even the girls "touch"; only that, unlike men, they do not easily admit it. It takes intimacy, to hear it openly. Some girls start to masturbate since small but obviously do not give the gesture the meaning that give adults (the meaning will become mature with adolescence). It is possible that these discover the pleasure of intimate areas very early, around 6 years, and in some cases it may happen even earlierThis should not surprise because it is normal discoveries of your body. The child could also try again and repeatedly stimulation. For many girls and women, masturbation is exhausted by rapid stimulation of the clitoris, which leads to rapid excitement and the achievement of orgasm.

A variant of classical masturbation is that of the fingers used to penetrate the vagina. It can be used to give an extra shiver alternating with caresses. And without fingers? Some women manage to reach orgasm even without using their hands: it is possible to do this by lying down, or in positions where it is possible to rub the mount of venus against a suitable surface, and rhythmically moving the pelvis.

In addition, even the artificial penises found in sex shops have now become very common. Almost all vibrate and vibration can be practiced even on the clitoris. Usually the use of sex toys is a fun component in couple games. For others, the direct stimulation of the clitoris is rather annoying, especially if it is not sufficiently lubricated, for which tools are used that simulate the penis.

The woman masturbates however always and above all stimulating her eroticism with the imagination, more than with external stimulations, but there are those who are helped with pornographic videos. Many women claim to be able to achieve orgasm only through masturbation, which makes us understand the importance of this practice and also understand how important it is to share their experiences of self-eroticism by telling them to their partner. In fact, masturbation is often a good vehicle to learn about the sexual response of your body.
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Saturday, 24 March 2018

South Africa let me down, says ousted Mugabe

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe says South Africa should have sent troops instead of a team of negotiators to prevent his ouster by the military last year.  

Mugabe said his regional neighbours betrayed him “in a sense”, in an interview with the privately-owned Zimbabwe Independent newspaper and other regional and international media. “When you look at their conditions, except for South Africa, they haven’t got the capacity to intervene,” the 94-year-old is quoted as saying. “But South Africa could have done much more. 

It did not send an army, but just to engage.” Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe since independence from British colonial rule in 1980 was forced to quit when the military stepped in and ruling ZANU-PF lawmakers launched impeachment proceedings against their once beloved leader. 

He was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, a favourite of the military, whom Mugabe had fired weeks earlier as his deputy in a move seen as paving way for his wife Grace to take over. The former first lady had cultivated a factional support base within ZANU-PF known as “G-40” that was seen as hostile to the security establishment. 

South Africa’s then president Jacob Zuma had sent defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and the then state security minister Bongani Bongo to intervene in the impasse between Mugabe and the military. 

Mugabe, who once quipped that he would rule until he turned 100, described his departure from office as a “coup d’etat.” “Those who created it have the responsibility to reverse it,” he said in the interview. “If they don’t want to reverse it, it means they want the situation to continue which I think is the case. 

“They would want us perhaps to get to the national election when the environment is still very congested with with fear, some people still hiding, displaced.” Since his dramatic reversal of fortune, Mugabe has largely stayed out of public life.

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Facebook faces ‘Oppenheimer moment’ over Trump scandal

Facebook and psychologists who have worked with it are grappling with their “Oppenheimer moment”, experts say, over revelations that its data may have been used to help elect US President Donald Trump. 

The scandal over the way Cambridge Analytica obtained personal information to try to manipulate US voters “is the most important moment that Facebook has faced since it went public (in 2012),” according to Professor Andrew Przybylski of Oxford University, one of the world’s leading authorities on social media psychology. 

He compared their reluctance to admit the destructive potential of social media to the epiphany of the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, who declared, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” “With Facebook we have to acknowledge we are giving Frodo the Ring,” Przybylski told AFP, referring to the object in the Lord of the Rings which confers absolute power. “If you gave me the Ring I would be corrupted. 

“It is not that what is happening at Facebook is by its nature bad,” he added. “It is that they are using our data for products and services, but that we have no idea what they are up to.” He called for regulation and a new “ethical framework (to ensure) that users’ rights are protected and that research is being done transparently and in the public interest.” Przybylski said similar crises had led to the establishment of ethical standards in other areas. 

– ‘Facebook sense threat’ – 

“Chemistry had this moment after they invented dynamite and chemical weapons, physics had this with nuclear weapons,” he argued. Facebook and “others have been built on the shoulders of academic research… The key issue is trust. 

Facebook works one-on-one with psychologists and researchers and there is a fundamental asymmetry there.” Przybylski, who has spent the last two days at Facebook’s San Francisco headquarters, said he told founder Mark Zuckerberg’s chief of staff “Chris Cox all this to his face”, and set out proposals on how Facebook might change the way it works. “I am optimistic. 

They are receptive, they have a sense of the threat and they have a proactive mindset,” said Przybylski, who no longer uses Facebook himself. But Google researcher Francois Chollet has his doubts. In a series of scathing tweets this week the inventor of the Keras open source library said “the problem with Facebook is not ‘just’ the loss of your privacy and the fact that it can be used as a totalitarian panopticon,” a prison in which all the cells can be observed from one point. “The more worrying issue is its use of digital information consumption as a psychological control vector.” 

Other experts were sceptical that fears about personal information being used to influence users would lead to an exodus from the world’s biggest social network. But with hashtags like #DeleteFacebook and #ZuckSucks trending even on Facebook itself, they said it had suffered a major blow beyond the billions wiped off its share price. 

– Addicted to the ‘F’ key – 

French sociologist Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini said that with Cambridge Analytica a line had been crossed even if “people are almost inured to their data being used for commercial gain. 

“That information is being used in political campaigns is far more unsettling,” she said. “Yet whether we like it or not, we are almost obliged to have social media accounts,” she said. Nor can addiction be underplayed, insisted Professor Eric Baumer, of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, whose 2015 study for Cornell University showed how many Facebook users wanting to quit still found themselves reaching for the “F” key when started their computers. Those who did leave were often tempted back, he said. 

“A lot people are going to make a big fuss about quitting now… Then you’ll see a negative backlash when their friends say, ‘How am I to get in touch with you?'” he said. No other social media “has the same critical mass. However, that could change” and there were strong signs it was already changing with younger users. The most consistent users are now aged between 40 and 60, Baumer said, while “younger users are likely to have an account that is deactivated or to have at least thought of deactivating it. 

He was now studying a growing “latent resistance” to Facebook, which may end up with a “more thoughtful engagement with a panoply of different types of social media. “The other problem is the opacity of social media conglomerates,” Baumer argued. “People say I don’t like Facebook so I use Instagram… not realising Facebook also owns it.” 

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Man Utd will consider sacking Jose Mourinho if Tottenham win FA Cup semi - report

Mourinho’s Manchester United future is in doubt following the Red Devils’ shock Champions League exit to Sevilla earlier this month.

The 54-year-old masterminded EFL Cup and Europa League triumphs last season in his first campaign at Old Trafford.
Yet, despite United being second in the Premier League, there is a feeling all is not well behind the scenes.
His criticism of Luke Shaw, failure to coax the best out of Alexis Sanchez and decision to bring Paul Pogba back down to earth have all gone down poorly.
And the Manchester Evening News say Jose Mourinho's will job will be under threat if he does not deliver the FA Cup.
The club famously sacked David Moyes after just 10 months after the Scot failed to deliver any trophies - or anything else for that matter - during his time in charge.
Louis van Gaal won the FA Cup in his second season at the helm having narrowly avoided the axe the season before.
Yet even that was not enough with United choosing to dump him and appoint Mourinho instead.
The MEN say the Portuguese’s future hinges on the FA Cup.

They face Tottenham in April and defeat to Mauricio Pochettino’s side would see them end the campaign empty-handed.
What could make things worse would be if Manchester City were to win a triple.
They will miss out on FA Cup glory this year but the Premier League is expected to be added to their Carabao Cup win last month.
It would also not be a stretch to see them win the Champions League given their blockbuster form so far this season.
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