Monday, 26 March 2018

The secrets of casual sex

The secrets of casual sex. Even women do it for pure physical pleasure. Women also launch into casual sex to pursue pure physical pleasure, without any kind of relational or emotional involvement.

Women also launch into casual sex to pursue pure physical pleasure, without any kind of relational or emotional involvement .

This is revealed by a study by the University of Ottawa, aimed at demonstrating how the boundaries between male and female sexuality are far more vague than one might actually think. And although for many the discovery is certainly not a surprise, the traditional dichotomy that sees the gentle sex only moved by feelings, opposed to the masculine gender pushed by the instincts, is overcome. With a clarification: the romantic and emotional phase is not lacking, but it would come only later.

The study was conducted on a representative sample of 510 Canadian women, to understand what are the reasons that push the female gender to launch in an occasional relationship, such as the typical one night stand after a night of disco dancing. Although the common imaginary wants the figure of the woman linked to mental attraction and falling in love at first sight, the reality of the facts is more similar to the male universe: aesthetic appeal, desire to satisfy a physical drive and simple fun are the answers most requested by the interviewees.

"As expected," explains the research published in The Archive Of Sexual Behavior, "women have confirmed greater physical motivations for casual sex and greater emotional motivation for that in a stable relationship".To confirm the purely aesthetic and instinctive nature of hit and run sex, the most popular responses from the champion: having sex because the recently known partner has "beautiful eyes", for the "good smell" or simply to defeat the boredom of an evening too monotonous. An orientation that would be confirmed even at the time of the loss of virginity, where the majority of the sample confirms that the first time was more driven by the curiosity to discover sex rather than love towards the partner. 

The scenario changes completely, however, when the relationship is more than consolidated: the erotic encounter becomes a way to "show affection", to "communicate at a deeper level" or to solidify the union of the couple.
Naturally, the goal of research is not to undermine female sexuality, nor to put it into specific categories . "There are still hypotheses that explain how women seek sex only for emotional reasons," says study co-author Heather Armstrong, "or use sex because they want a long-term partner. These results suggest alternative explanations ".

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