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As to living in a rural environment in Nigeria there are alot of practices you should put into place to survive the unfavorable situation you must meet where you’re being posted to either as a youth corner or employment basis

A rural area has been termed as that environment which does not enjoy most of modernization and also lack social amenities such as light, good roads, viable public transport to mention a few. This areas areas are mostly termed as “village” in the Nigerian Language to express a place which is Less developed unlike city places across major state capitals in Nigeria.
As a young or middle age individual, you won’t mostly like to go into this area because chances of survival may be very minimal based on thier way of living, social facilities etc.
I have analysed 3 practice to put in place or needs to survive in the area.

1. Have A Power Facility

You don’t want to loose your gadgets to non effect of light or loss of power, you know you cant develop a long discussion with people in areas like that, you mode of living is totally different from Thier and you’d want to have move in your normal circle online. That is why you need a very good power system either a solar charged power bank or a mini generator to charge your gadgets

2. Fast Internet Facility

As a young determined person or actually you have an very online based fans you’d want to always connect with, you need to have subscriptions on average three networks so as to keep your online productions on the minimum level, network failure may occur in cases where a particular network cables or air service may not reach. The others will be available, of things like this occur, you may be limited to having little or nothing to do that is why you need to have internet facilities on other network available to you.

3. Be Security Conscious

This is the first and most important thing you should put into practice as a refugee in any land you may be visiting, in Nigeria ethnicity has been diversed in so many ways as people tend to protect their land against strangers and also other uforeseen personalities which may not be on the side of you as a visitor. You need to learn how youn can integrate into their practices first and also move along very fast with what they eat and how they greet as that will be what might make them not firstly reject you. Security also span to what you intake as an individual so you don’t let this get the bad part of you, be careful of what you ingest ans live healthy


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That has been what we think can keep you strong and healthy being a refugee in a land considered as a rural environment, this piece is brought together by Gabriel Temmy of 9japosh.com. Share with us you ideas or experience about this through the comment box below, let others get informed

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