Monday, 9 April 2018

Why do men have the nature to betray?

Why do men have the natural nature of betraying their woman? We state that it is not just men who betray, but women do it too.The reason why couples betray we believe does not exist in absolute terms, but there are many different ones, each linked to a situation. Mainly the betrayals occur for two big reasons: lack of Love; Soul weakness; libertine nature. We divide them like that because, judging by our observations on couples, we have learned that true love is a very rare good, that few couples have and that, very often, is only proven by one of the two parts of the couple. True love, what we mean by that, is that feeling so strong and irrepressible that it leaves a person completely "full" of the other, so tied to that to make really any betrayal and all crap.

It is a feeling that satisfies, that makes you happy and that leaves no room for other adventures, for the simple fact that when one really loves another person, he does not feel the need to go with others , because he is so happy, because it would be how to get behind the wheel of a Porsche Carrera and want to get on a Seat Marbella, forgive the comparison, but we think it makes the idea. If one is in a perfect situation, it is human logic not to desire another situation, certainly less perfect.

Men Betray
The problem is that there are few couples who feel such a feeling and therefore, exchanging a love affair, build a relationship Without love, the desire to try something else, to look for a more fulfilling situation, it is strong and we are pushed to "betray", even if obviously the betrayal is the result of a "pseudo-cunning" of wanting to try something else, without destroy a stable situation. What is really cunning, because it would be really coherent and honest, if you are tired of a relationship, cut it off and look for another more satisfying one. The problem is that few people dare to behave in such an honest way.

The second great category is inevitably linked to the first, but there are very few cases of "pathologically" traitorous people, who, although they really love their partner, can not control themselves and fall into betrayal.They are weak and sick people, who, like the low-grade animals, do not have control over their actions, but let themselves be dominated by fleeting instincts and passions, perhaps dying afterwards because of the mistake made. In conclusion, forgive us if we have been so long-winded, we believe that betrayals arise from a couple's real inability to communicate. 


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Falling in love is difficult and, although beautiful when it happens, it is a rare and difficult to manage feeling. It's like trying to contain a river in full with your bare hands. Trust is a rare and precious commodity, which people dispense a little too easily, but which is at the basis of true couple relationships. Falling in love really, it also means giving real trust, because aware that if you love, do not betray.

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