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Friday, 15 November 2019

A Man Should Never Kneel Down For A Woman - Pet Edochie Explains Why

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie has frowned at the way Africans are adopting the doctrines and culture of the whites, thereby neglecting our own tradition and culture.

The celebrated actor seriously whitewashed African men who kneel down to propose to their wives to be, all in the name of love. He said by so doing, you’re giving the woman power over you, thereby making her the head of the marriage.

In his words;

“Kneeling to propose to a woman is white people’s culture because women dominate there and have more right than men, it is not the African man’s ways”
He went on to remind us that, in the traditional setting, it is a woman who kneels to give drink to a man to show her loyalty, humility and total submission to the man and that’s the way it should be.
“I didn’t kneel to propose to my wife and we’ve stayed 50years in our marriage, I took my time to woo her, when it’s time to settle down, I asked if she’ll marry me and that was it”, he said.
He went on to give account of how the Whites came to Africa pretending to be archeologists but little did we know they came to destroy our culture and trade us.

Dwarf Corper Wows Crowd By Leading NYSC Parade

A sensational video of a male dwarf leading other corp members during a marching parade at an unnamed NYSC camp has sent Nigerians agog and rolling with laughter.

The courageous corper with potruding belly (potbelly) led by example during the marching exercise. Onlookers who were so fascinated by his brief performance recorded him on their mobile phones while clapping for him.

Some others could be also be heard giggling at the background. The video has gone viral on social media with many laughing and rolling on the floor. While some Nigerians have praised him for his jovial attitude, others have slammed the girls in the background for laughing loudly at him.

Watch the video below;

Your Penis Will Rise Again - Bovi Shades COZA Pastor Over Rape Case

Legendary Nigerian Comedian Bovi is well known for his epic ways of expressing himself when it comes to trolling, and he displayed this exceptional skill again in his reaction to High court’s judgement on Busola Dakolo’s rape case.

The COZA pastor was yesterday exonerated by an Abuja high court of all the rape charges placed against him by the wife of popular musician, Timi Dakolo.

Busola Dakolo on the other hand was fined for 1 million Naira, because she had wasted the court’s time, although she has threatened to take the case to a higher court to ensure justice for herself.

Reacting to the Court’s judgement, Bovi threw an indirect shade at Fatoyinbo, which obviously pointed out that he is in support of Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola.

See his post below;

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Some People Have To Die For Us To Succeed - Korode Bello Shares Strange Message

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Korede Bello who’s well known for his ‘Godwin’ hit song is sharing a mysterious message about death and love.

Korede Bello declared that in life, some people have to die so that that others can get ahead and become successful in their path.

The singer while explaining his position further, said that no one should kill these people that have become stumbling blocks, except by the way of showering them with undying love and affection.
“Unfortunately some people have to die for you to move forward. The good news is that you don’t have to kill them unless you’re killing them with lovE”, his tweet read. see the post below:
Reacting to Bello’s submission, his fans and followers on the social media app were sighted in his comment section.
Read comments below:

Landlord destroys tenant’s properties, only to find out his daughter has been withdrawing the rent

A landlord who summoned auctioneers to invade the home of his tenant whom he believed had refused to pay rent for the past 5 months, has ended up in the offender spot after discovering that his daughter has been the one withdrawing the rent.
Twitter user @BottledPaul who shared photos which showed the state of his friend’s house after the raid, said the landlord is now pleading for forgiveness as the policemen he invited allegedly fled with some of the home appliances.
“Landlord just came with auctioneers to raid my guy’s house. Nigga came home and found his kids outside. Ended up breaking his dining table and surround system. Only to find out that the landlord’s daughter’s been withdrawing the rent for the past 5 months. 🤦🏾‍♂️”, he tweeted.

OMG UNN To Hold Official Witchcraft Conference This Month, Lady Cries Out

A prayer warrior, Maudlin Adaeze Ekwueme, has taken to Facebook to call on Jesus Christ to intercede against a forthcoming conference coordinated by the University of Nigeria (UNN).

Praying against the conference, Maudlin wrote;
“I stand to speak against this Witchcraft gathering ..It shall not stand or hold in Enugu state &its environs IN the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST (intercede for Enugu state)..We need the papa Idahosa’s kind of anointing for this generation O.. They try to gather,they die before the gathering!!!”
The conference, which has the theme “Witchcraft: Meaning, factors and practices”, is convened by the Professor B.I.C Ijomah Centre for Policy and Research in UNN and is set to hold between November 26 and November 27, 2019.

Akpororo Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary With Wife, Check Out Stunning Photos

Comedian Akpororo and his wife, Josephine Ijeoma are marking their fourth marriage anniversary.
Image result for akpororo and wife
The couple took to Instagram to honour each other. Both shared loved-up photos and wrote beautiful words appreciating each other. One of the photos shows Akporo carrying Jojo on his hips. He planted a kiss on her lips in another.
The Nigerian comedian also narrated dating her and how he had to travel to Ibadan about 4 to 5 times a week just to see her.
He wrote:
Happy 4years anniversary to us @jojosplace_vantage it’s just like yesterday I remember traveling to Ibadan 4/5 times in one week just to be with you love won kill me, I am so blessed with you because you came into my life at the right time. Happy 4years anniversary and forever to go
Sharing a photo of them, Jojo wrote:
“Put GOD first and every other things will fall in place we’re grateful oh LORD, Paddy that will last forever, we will forever grow together by the grace of GOD, this love can never be broken , unlimited grace,love,happiness,joy,blessings,glad-tidings,fruitfulness and above all peace with you BAE , 4 forever to go I LOVE YOU BABY and HAPPY 4years ANNIVERSARY TO US.”

Man Kicks Lady Out Of His House Because Of Her Breast

A Nigerian lady known as Chidinma took to social media to describe how a friend sent her out of his house because of her saggy breasts.
According to the lady, she visited a man whom she met months ago. When she reached the man’s house he begged with her to sleep over which she agreed.
Later in the night, the said man asked for sex which she obliged because she was falling in love with him. After stripping and taking her bath, the man questioned her for having a saggy breast.
However, her story was overlooked as the man kicked her out of his house in the middle of the night.
See post below;

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

20 Year Old Nigerian Kills His Mother in USA

Police in Texas arrested a 20-year-old man Eyitoluwa Olayeye, on Wednesday for murdering his mother in a downtown Austin hotel.

48-year-old Kehinde Olayeye, was found by Police face down on the floor with her son lying on her back with his arms wrapped around her body.

Image result for 20-Yr-Old Nigerian, Eyitoluwa Olayeye Arrested For Killing His Mother In Texas, USA

On Oct. 6, at 4:44 a.m. police were sent to the scene of a disturbance at a Holiday Inn located in downtown Austin at 805 Neches Street. The call transcript said Austin-Travis County EMS was already on their way to the scene for a report of someone screaming in their room. Later updates to the call said the sounds of a fight were also coming from the room.

According to the arrest affidavit, once at the scene officers knocked on the door of the room the sounds were coming from. After several knocks and no response, they had the hotel’s security officer use a key card to open the door. The door’s latch was engaged, prompting officers to force entry.

Police say once they made their way into the room they found a woman face down on the floor with a man lying on her back with his arms wrapped around her body. The woman was unresponsive and ATCEMS performed CPR but she was declared dead at the scene. Police say as he was detained the suspect appeared to be singing in a different language. 

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Eyitoluwa Olayeye and the victim was identified as his mother.

A Travis County medical examiner conducted a post mortem examination on Olayeye’s mother. She said the victim suffered deep skull haemorrhaging, haemorrhaging around the neck, lacerations to the inner mouth, petechial haemorrhaging and signs of strangulation.

A witness staying at the hotel told police he heard a woman running through the hallways screaming around 4:15 a.m. he said she was banging on doors screaming “Let me in,” before he heard her being dragged back past his room.

The victim’s sister told police the two of them had flown to Austin from Georgia to visit Olayeye. She said the day before they received a call from Olayeye rambling and saying.

Read more below;
“I pray that God brings us together.” She also said Olayeye’s friends got on the phone saying he was telling them he found his purpose in life.
The victim’s sister said they received another call from Olayeye’s friends saying he had been taken to the hospital by ATCEMS for a psych evaluation. She said at this point the two decided to fly to Austin to check on Olayeye. At the airport, they received a call from doctors at Dell Seton Medical Center asking if their family had a history of mental illness, which she said they do not.
Olayeye’s friends called his mother and aunt again to tell them he had been discharged from the hospital. They brought Olayeye to their apartment where they say he began telling them he wanted to leave school.
Olayeye’s aunt said when they arrived at the apartment her nephew seemed happy to see them. She said they stayed there for a while before the three of them decided to check into a hotel downtown. She said Olayeye and his mother got a room together and she got one by herself. She told police the three of them were hanging out together in Olayeye’s room before she decided to go to sleep.
Olayeye’s aunt said he told them God had given him a purpose. He said the hospital was trying to hold him for a mental issue but he told them what they wanted to hear so he could leave.
The hotel security guard told investigators he was doing his rounds when, at about 4:15 a.m., he heard loud shouting coming from a room. He said when he banged on the door telling the occupants to quiet down he got no response but began to also hear sounds of a struggle.
In an interview with police, Olayeye said after class on Tuesday he went to the University of Texas tower to pray. He said he remembers praying but the next thing he knew he was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. He said doctors asked him if he was diagnosed as bipolar or manic which he told them no.
Olayeye said after being discharged from the hospital he was taken to a friend’s apartment. There he said his mother and aunt arrived and took him to a hotel downtown. He corroborated his aunt’s testimony, saying the three of them hung out in his room before his aunt went to sleep. He said after

Woman Celebrates After Her Husband's Side-Chick Suffers An Accident

Relationship specialist, Joro Olumofin shared this screenshot of an email from one of his readers celebrating the misfortune of her husband’s girlfriend.
Image result for black woman celebrating
According to the overjoyed wife, her husband’s girlfriend got into an accident on Sunday which affected her womb. While thanking God, she warned ladies to stay away from men whose wife is a prayer warrior.
Read the mail below;
“Joro. Jori Joro. God is Great!. Jehova I bow. My husband girlfriend had car accident on Sunday. Very rude n useless bleach thing. I hear it affected her womb badly. God is Good. The womb will rotten. My God is fighting for me. 1 down many to. Olorun ma Pa gbo go won papapa. If ur into married men pray his wife not a prayer Rambo like me and my sisters.”

My Fiance Hates Sex - Woman Cries Out

Relationship activist, Joro Olomofin has shared the dilemma of another unidentified lady. This time, she needs to advise because her husband-to-be hates sex.

Image result for crying woman

Describing her ordeal to Joro, the lady talked about her ex-boyfriend who had a mad craving for sex and would always end up having close to four rounds of sex with her daily. However, she had to break up with him cause he was still cheating on her, despite their mad sex life.

Now, she linked up with her current lover who is the direct opposite of her ex. He cares less about sex and romance. All he wants is a quickie, no long sex or romance.

Stressing further, the lady said she now masturbates to keep herself sexually happy despite being in a relationship. Whenever she complains to him about it, he ends up saying, ‘sex is not my problem’.

Man Spotted Burning Bible [Video]

A young Ghanaian man has been seen in a viral video ripping and burning the sacred book of Christians which is the Holy Bible.
Image result for man burning bible
The action from the young man has raised a lot of worries and reactions on social media as to what informed his decision to carry out such an act.
The unknown young man in the video is seen burning the Bible in the open and bragging that nothing bad can happen to him because there’s no power in the Bible as Christians claim.
He went on and emphasized that he respects and fears the popular ‘Antoa’ gods than the Bible.
Watch the video below:

Woman locked up for 2 years by her brother to prevent her from seeing her husband

Two years after being locked up in a dark room at her family apartment, a mother of four has regained her freedom at Rigasa, Kaduna, Kaduna State.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Hassana Sale was locked up by her brother to restrain her from reuniting with her estranged husband.
A Kaduna-based Non-Governmental Organisation, Arida Relief Foundation and a group of policemen discovered her in a horrifying state during the rescue operation.
According to the patron of the NGO, Hajiya Rabi Salisu, the victim was stripped of her right by her elder brother, one Malam Lawal Sale, over her intention to go back to her matrimonial home.
Salisu explained that the woman became depressed when she was divorced by her husband, but due to the love for the children, visited them daily.
“She visits the children on daily basis, so the elder brother and the some of her relatives decided to lock her up in a dark room for two years so that she will not go back to her ex-husband.
We have taken her to the hopital and when she becomes stable, she would be handed over to the state Ministry of Human Service and Social Development to pursue the matter,” she said.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Tonto Dikeh Threatened To Show Borbrisky Real Face On Social Media [Watch Video]

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh visited the residence of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky and she threatened to send a photograph of his makeup-free face to social media.

Image result for tonto dikeh and bobrisky

The Nollywood actress moved into Bobrisky’s house with her box, to spend some with her bestie, and while recording the house, she entered his room and found the crossdresser with a makeup-free face.

She jokingly threatened to send a picture of his face to the gram, while Bobrisky yelled and went into hiding. Responding to Bobrisky’s action, Tonto said she can never do that to him.

The best friends have been a topic on social media following their controversial tweets and the way they openly display affection for each other.
Watch the video below;

I am a living proof of God's wonders - Wizkid goes religious on twitter

Nigerian artist and Superstar, Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid has revealed that he is a proof of God’s wonders. Well, only a few can have to contravene thoughts to that.

Image result for wizkid

Wizkid, born in Surulere, Lagos has been in the music industry since 2001. The singer began recording his debut studio album ‘Superstar’ under the defunct Empire Mates Entertainment EME in 2009 which included hit single Holla at Your Boy”

Since then, the singer has done several more hit songs that have given him worldwide recognition and Fame. The 29-year-old, apparently feeling grateful for the fame he enjoys, said this in a tweet on Monday.

pastor released after 6 months with boko haram terrorists

Pastor Moses Oyeleke, a pastor with Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), #Maiduguri, #BornoState, has regained his freedom, after six months in Boko Haram’s custody.

The pastor and a National Youth Service Corps member, Abraham Amuta, were kidnapped in May, 2019, while on their way to Chibok to share relief items to Internally Displaced Persons and preach.
Image result for pastor released after 6 months with boko haram

Oyeleke who was kidnapped alongside a corps member in the southern part of Borno on April 10 by Boko Haram and released on Sunday evening, said he was almost killed by the insurgents during his nearly seven-month stay in his abductors’ camp.

“My survival is an act of God. I was almost executed by the Boko Haram. They told us one day they were going to kill us but they changed their mind later,” he told our correspondent shortly after he and another teenage school girl, Ndagilaya Ibrahim Umar were handed over to the Borno government by the Department of State Service (DSS).
He, however, said the insurgents did not manhandle him. “They didn’t manhandle me; they gave me foods but often times I didn’t eat. I was always praying and fasting.
“They asked me to stop my prayers and be praying like them. I told them it is the same prayers we are doing together to same God and since it is the same God that owns all of us. So they left me,” he explained.

He also said he was always attentive anytime the insurgents talk to him and never debated with them or ask questions, a development which made one of them developed interest in him.

He disclosed that the National Youth Service (NYSC) Corps member abducted with him was still with the insurgents, calling for prayers for his release too.

While recalling how he and the corps member were kidnapped by Boko Haram, he disclosed that the incident occurred a few metres to a deserted petrol station near Bama in the central part of Borno.

“We were going to Chibok on that day and as we were approaching the bridge, few metres away from a deserted petrol, the insurgents ambushed us,” he explained. He said they were driven into Sambisa bush where he spent most part of the seven months.

Fourteen years old Ndagilaya Ibrahim Umar, said she was 13 when the insurgents abducted her. She was abducted in her village near Lassa at Askira/Uba Local Government. She was a student at the Government Science Secondary School, Askira Uba.

“I spent nine months with them (Boko Haram), ” she disclosed. She said she was neither violated nor given to any of the insurgents as was often the case with Boko Haram. “I saw some young girls being given in marriage by Boko Haram,” she said.

The release was negotiated by some local non-governmental organisations.

“We have been working hard to secure their release but thank God today they have been set free. We went through processes before we secured their release,” Kalthum Umar, founder of Kalthum Foundation for Peace said.

Borno State deputy governor, Usman Kadafur, while receiving the released victims commanded the security operatives and the local NGOs.

Our correspondent learnt that the processes for securing the release of the pastor and teenager was initiated by the state government and ransom allegedly paid to Boko Haram

According to reports, he was freed earlier today, while Abraham remains in captivity allegedly because the abductors said he is “stubborn” to them. However, he is expected to also regain his freedom in December.

After being released, Pastor Oyeleke headed to church to give praises to God and he is now safely at home.