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Friday, 27 March 2020

Coronavirus Guide(COVID-19): Symptoms, and Treatment

As new cases of the coronavirus (or COVID-19) are confirmed across the world, many people are wondering: how do I know if I have the coronavirus? Can this novel virus be avoided? The following guide will help you understand more about the symptoms of this virus, how you can potentially prevent or avoid it, and what you can do to reduce the virus’ impact on the community.

Coronavirus Guide(COVID-19): Symptoms, and Treatment

Coronavirus Symptoms

The symptoms of coronavirus may be “silent” for several days, as someone can be infected with the coronavirus but not experience any symptoms for 2 days up to around 14 days after the infection has taken root.

There are some symptoms which can help differentiate COVID-19 from other diseases. The three known symptoms associated with the coronavirus include:

·  The development of a couch which becomes more severe as the hours or days pass

·  Shortness of breath

·  Developing a low-grade fever which increases gradually

If you believe you have COVID-19, then you should contact your primary healthcare provider as soon as possible. Do NOT go into the office without calling your physician first, as they will want to avoid exposing others to the virus if do test positive.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 and let them know that you suspect you may have COVID-19. If you have a face mask at home, put it on before emergency personnel arrive.

Can Coronavirus Be Prevented or Avoided? How Can The Impact of the Virus Be Reduced?

The coronavirus is primarily spread through airborne contact, which includes being in close proximity to someone who is infected; the disease is also spread via sneezing and coughing. The virus can survive on surfaces, but research is still being done on how likely it is that people will become infected via touching surfaces (such as doorknobs, packages, etc.) that have been handled by an infected person.

Odion Ighalo sends a hopeful message to Manchester United fans amid coronavirus pandemic

There are three primary steps to take if you want to avoid getting or spreading COVID-19. These are:

Coronavirus Guide(COVID-19): Symptoms, and Treatment

·  Wash your hands: Wash your hands with soap (it does not have to be antibacterial soap!) as often as you can. If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth or nose.

·  Social distancing: Avoid close physical contact with others, especially if you are in a public space or store. Do not go to events with large crowds or crowded areas if possible.

·  Self-quarantine: If you have any symptoms, quarantine yourself for 2 weeks. Do not come into physical contact with anyone, including family members. Use your own utensils, plates, bathroom, etc., and do not allow other people to come into contact with anything you touch.

If everyone takes these above steps, the impact of the virus will be greatly reduced. This is called “flattening the curve,” which will lower infection rates and reduce the workload on hospitals and healthcare workers.


The coronavirus pandemic needs to be taken seriously. People must remember to practice excellent personal hygiene, self-quarantine if necessary, and maintain social distance until this pandemic can be controlled.

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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Gary Neville reveals how he wound up former Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo

Gary Neville has revealed how he infuriated old Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo when the pair went head-to-head during the former right-back’s ill-fated spell in charge of Valencia. 

Gary Neville reveals how he wound up former Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo

United legend Neville took charge of La Liga side Valencia back in December 2015 but was sacked just a few months later after a string of bad results, culminating in a 7-0 defeat to Barcelona. 

He did manage to pick up a hard-fought draw against Real Madrid at the Mestalla, though says it owed much to his underhand tactics of not cutting the grass – something that Ronaldo did not appreciate whatsoever.

Asked if he felt proud to have managed against Real Madrid despite his time at Valencia being difficult, Neville told Sky Sports: ‘No. I never think of it, I never think of anything I’ve done and felt proud about it. 

‘Actually what I remember about that game is that obviously we were struggling in the league, and Real Madrid was absolutely outstanding. 

They had Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo and all the other sort of great players. ‘And we left the grass really long on the pitch so that the ball wouldn’t travel very quickly, and we didn’t water it either. 

‘And I remember Cristiano coming over to me – honestly, this is a true story – he came over to me before the game and he said, “Gaz! Gaz! A disgrace! It’s a disgrace! Cut the pitch! Cut the pitch!”

Ohanaeze blows hot over alleged massive killing of Christian soldiers

Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), the apex Igbo youth organization, Thursday, condemned in strong terms the killings of Nigeria soldiers(the majority of whom were Christians mostly from the Southern and Middlebelt part of the Country in an ambush at Gorgi Village in Borno State.
Ohanaeze blows hot over alleged massive killing of Christian soldiers
The Igbo group insisted that infiltration through absolving of repentant Boko Haram sect members into the Nigerian Army resulted in the killing.
DAILY POST recalls that the Nigerian troops were ambushed in a well-calculated attack by Boko Haram terrorists.
The incident took place after a military operation in Alagarno axis of Borno State.
Boko Haram reportedly used the information provided by their local collaborators to stage an ambush.
The reports had it that they(Boko Haram sect) shot at military logistics trucks conveying fuels and ammunitions in the area.
The attack on the trucks triggered massive explosions that led to the death of 47 gallant troops of the Nigerian military.
On Tuesday, Coordinator of Directorate of Defence Media Operations (DDMO), Major General John Enenche, confirmed the incident.
But, OYC, in a press release issued by it’s President General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro and forwarded to our correspondent on Thursday, urged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government to do the needful and flush out elements of Boko Haram sect in the Army as the government might be losing the war against terrorism and insurgency in the North East.
It said, “Ohanaeze Youth appeal to the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) to redeploy all Christian soldiers to the South as a strategy to win the war against insurgency in the North East. It only when the so-called repentant Boko Haram sect that infiltrated in the Army is meant to alone (without Christian Soldiers)execute the war against terrorism. There will be a victory on the side of the Nigerian Army, because, it will be repackaged terrorists versus Boko Haram terrorists, but, if paired with Christian Soldiers, there will be sabotage and leaking of information across to Boko Haram which will put Christian soldiers as sacrificial lambs in this war against insurgency, like the ambush against Christian Soldiers mostly Igbos in Gorgi village, Borno state”.
Ohanaeze, however, condoled with all the families especially Igbos that lost their loved ones in the ambush in Gorgi Village Borno State.
It said, “With the frightening battle against coronavirus across Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari should direct the Defence Headquarters to change strategy against the war against Boko Haram. The presidency should equip Nigeria’s Army to fight against Boko Haram”.
Source: DailyPost

Breaking: 54gene donated $500,000 to expand Covid-19 testing in Nigeria

African genomics company 54gene has launched a fund to tackle the current challenges around Covid-19 testing in Nigeria.

The company initially donated $150,000 to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. Within 24 hours of the fund’s launch, it had secured an additional $350,000 from its partners.

The money raised thus far will help increase Covid-19 testing capacity in the country by up to 1,000 additional tests a day. 

It will be used to buy testing instruments and the required biosafety materials such as biosafety cabinets and personal protective equipment needed to keep frontline healthcare workers safe.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Video: Those wishing me Coronavirus will get HIV – Governor Yahaya Bello fires back

Against several calls from some Nigerians including the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, that the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello should go for test to ascertain his status on the current deadly coronavirus pandemic that have claimed several lives in the world, the governor has come out to state that those wishing that he contact the disease would be infected with HIV/Aids.

The governor stated this in a 28 seconds video. Gov Bello in the video claimed to be hale and hearty.

The governor challenged any body doubting to the boxing ring, assuring that he would emerge victorious.

His words” I gat no COVID. Those who wish me to have COVID will have HIV. I am good, hale and hearty. I challenge everybody to the boxing ring”.
It would be recalled that the Kogi State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had advised Alhaji Yahaya Bello to immediately subject himself to Covid-19 test having had contact with Abba kyari, the Chief of staff to President Mohammadu Buhari.
The PDP in a statement signed by the Director Research and Documentation, Achadu Dickson said the fight against the dreaded Covid-19 virus can only be won when stakeholders show responsibility beyond lips service.
He urged those who had contact with the CoS to go for test. The statement appealed to the APC led government not to play politics with the health and safety of Kogites,
He, however, prayed for Gov. Bello and wished that he tests negative at the end.
“The PDP notes that it has still not seen any concrete preparation by the government to tackle the scourge in the state beyond the shut down and ban of public gatherings. We urged the Government to take a cue from what is obtained in Borno, Lagos and other states where they have shown serious commitment to fighting the scourge.

For an issue that is presently a global phenomenon and requires political and other will to fight by leadership at all strata, we are worried by the sudden disappearance of the governor from the state for no serious reason, described it as unfortunate. The PDP however called on the state government to be civil even in the face of the enforcement of the order banning public gatherings,” the statement added.

Video: Those wishing me Coronavirus will get HIV – Governor Yahaya Bello fires back

Source: DailyPost 

Just In: Coronavirus Hits Osun State As NCDC Confirmed Cases Rise To 46

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has revealed that two new cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Nigeria, taking the total number of cases in the country to 46.
In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the health agency said one of the cases was confirmed in Lagos, while the other case was discovered in Osun State.
The health agency added that both cases are returning travellers to Nigeria in the last 7 days.
The NCDC noted that as at 07:00 am 25th March, there are 46 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, with 2 patients been discharged and one death.
Here’s a breakdown of the cases:
Lagos- 30
FCT- 8
Ogun- 3
Ekiti- 1
Oyo- 1
Edo- 1
Total: 46 confirmed cases
Coronavirus Hits Osun As NCDC Confirmed Cases Rise To 46

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Coronavirus: MTN orders staff to start working from home

MTN Nigeria Sunday said its team would start working from home as part of the precautionary measures to stop the spread of COVID-19
The company’s Senior Manager, External Relations, Funso Aina, said in a statement that from Monday workers were expected to perform their duties from home.
Aina said MTN would continue to run at full scale with essential staff working limited hours on-site.
The statement read: “We also plan to announce the temporary closure of some of our stores. Those that remain open, will operate reduced hours and maintain strict and social distances measures.
“The situation unfolding around the world is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes and is a reminder that we are all more connected than we ever know.
“To get through this, we need each other with patience, understanding, compassion, and to do the right thing for each other.”
Aina noted that the company had been closely monitoring the situation and “believe it is crucial that companies help to contain the escalating outbreak and safeguard operations so that economies would keep moving.

MTN orders staff to start working from home

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Togo, Niger, Benin Republics owe Nigeria N30bn for electricity

The Republics of Togo, Niger and Benin owe Nigeria a total of N29.97bn for the electricity supplied to them from January to September last year, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.
Togo, Niger, Benin Republics owe Nigeria N30bn for electricity

Nigeria, through its electricity transmission company, supplies power to these countries, which are classified as international customers in the Nigerian power sector.

Niger’s power firm, Societe Nigerienne electricity, failed to pay a total invoice of N3.01bn it received in the first quarter of 2019; N3.69bn in Q2; and N4.1bn in Q3.

Communaute Electrique du Benin, a power firm owned by Togo and Benin, did not pay N9.74bn for the power supplied to it in Q1; N7.16bn in Q2; and N2.27bn in Q3.

NERC said in its latest quarterly report released on Friday that the international customers made no payment for the total outstanding debt in Q3.

“The Nigerian government has continued to engage the governments of neighbouring countries benefitting from the export supply to ensure timely payments for the electricity purchased from Nigeria,” it said.

The regulator said the financial viability and commercial performance of the Nigerian electricity supply industry continued to be a major challenge.

According to the report, a total invoice of N179.66bn was issued to the power distribution companies for energy received from the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc and for service charge by the Market Operator in Q3, but only a sum of N58.81bn was settled.

The government-owned NBET buys electricity in bulk from generation companies through Power Purchase Agreements and sells through vesting contracts to the Discos, which then supply it to the consumers, while the MO is an arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

NERC said, “Although the Discos fully met the minimum remittance for MO, the average aggregate remittance performance to NBET was 32.73 per cent, with performance level ranging from 19.43 per cent (Jos) to 50.03 per cent (Eko).

“This is slightly lower than the minimum remittance threshold prescribed in the orders on minimum remittance issued to all Discos in July 2019 with Enugu and Ikeja failing to meet their remittance obligation during the period.”

2023 presidency: Campaign vehicle of dethroned Emir Sanusi emerges

Following his dethronement, 2023 campaign vehicle of Muhammadu Sanusi has emerged online. The campaign vehicle of Sanusi had the inscription “All Nigerian Youth Project 2023, Lets Save Nigeria”.
Emir Sanusi

A former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan posted a photograph of the vehicle on his Twitter page.
Recall that the Kano State Government had dethroned Sanusi as Emir of Kano over alleged insubordination.
Following his dethronement, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan had hinted that Sanusi may contest the 2023 presidential election. 
However, Shehu Sani, former Kaduna Central Senator had warned the ex-Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, against joining politics.
Omokri, however, stated that the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai was using the dethroned Emir of Kano to push his presidential ambition.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Just In: Manchester United set to offer €55 million for Real Madrid target Van de Beek

Manchester United are ready to offer €55 million for Ajax’s attacking midfielder Donny Van de Beek, according to a report from Dutch newspaper De Koninklijke. Van de Beek was rumoured to be on his way to Real Madrid last summer but Los Blancos ended up deciding to wait one more season to complete his signing.
Van de Beek
Van de Beek
Van de Beek has had a somewhat disappointing season in the Champions League and also in the Europa League, so Madrid could ultimately drop their interest, even more so considering that Martin Odegaard seems to be ready to make his return to the Spanish capital.
Other midfielders like Fabian Ruiz have also been linked to Real Madrid in recent months, so Los Blancos might not be willing to compete with United’s potential offer.
All in all, a move from Madrid to sign Van de Beek wouldn’t make much sense after what happened this season, so don’t expect Los Blancos to show their interest this upcoming summer.

BREAKING: 24 Hours To NEC Meeting, Court blocks APC From Appointing Ajimobi, Others

A Sokoto High Court has stopped the All Progressives Congress (APC), from appointing any member of the party into its top positions in its upcoming National Executive Council Meeting.
The meeting is supposed to hold in Abuja on Tuesday. However, following the approach of the National Vice Chairman (North West) Inuwa Abdulkadir application in court challenging the appointment of the APC National Publicity Secretary, Mr Issa-Onilu, a court order was given to stop any appointment in the party.
This order also affects the appointments of former Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, and three others as national officers of the party.
The order said APC should not appoint any officer except through a National Convention.
Details soon…

‘I was informed of Ganduje’s plans to banish Sanusi to my state’ – Abdullahi Sule

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has disclosed that he was informed of Ganduje plans to banish dethroned Emir Sanusi to his state
Abdullahi Sule
Governor Abdullahi Sule
Sule disclosed that Ganduje sought his approval for Sanusi to be banished to Nasarawa State.
Recall that the Ganduje-led Kano State Government dethroned and banished Sanusi to Awe area of Nasarawa State.
But a Federal High Court in Abuja last week Friday ordered the former Emirs release after he was visited by the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai.
However, Governor Abdullahi Sule while addressing journalists in Lagos State yesterday explained that Sanusi was banished to Nasarawa State because the state was a border state between the North and Southern part of the country.
Sule said: “Immediately he was dethroned, the governor of Kano called me and said, we have just dethroned the Emir and we are thinking about relocating him to Nasarawa; If you will accept him. I said I will be more than happy to accept him.
“The message was all over the social media that Emir Sanusi II was dethroned.”
“I did not check because I was busy, but when the Kano Governor called, my aid brought the phone to me in a meeting. So as a senior governor and a second-term governor, and someone I respect, I stepped aside to answer his call.”
“The whole world knows they were having problems, but I did not know it will lead to this. When he told me the emir has been dethroned, I never said a word about it; whether it is good or bad or why. How can I say I will not accept Sanusi Lamido II, never.
“This is a global citizen, highly respected person. When I was the Managing Director of Dangote group, he was the Group Managing Director of First Bank.
“We operated as colleagues at the corporate level. When I became the Deputy Group Managing Director of Dangote, he was the CBN Governor. By the time I became the Group Managing Director of Dangote, he had become an Emir. So at all levels, we have cooperated.”

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Nabena faults Giadom's endorsement as Oshiomhole’s replacement

The All Progressives Congress (APC) deputy national publicity secretary, Yekini Nabena has faulted the endorsement of Victor Giadom as the party's replacement for embattled national chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. 

Nabena faults Giadom's endorsement

Nabena made his stance known while speaking to journalists in Abuja on Saturday, March 14. Giadom, the deputy national secretary of the party was recently endorsed by some APC leaders from the south-south. Nabena who is from Bayelsa state and a major stakeholder in the party, says he is not in agreement with the decision. 

He said Giadom was not fit to be Oshiomhole's replacement due to his resignation from the APC National Working Committee (NWC) in 2014. According to Nabena, Giadom officially resigned his position in the NWC to contest as running mate to the party's 2019 governorship candidate in Rivers State, Tonye Cole. 

He also questioned the legality of the NEC meeting, stressing that it is "strange and an aberration that Giadom still attends meetings of the NWC and could call for an NEC meeting. 

The Bayelsa-born politician called on stakeholders in the party not to lose sight of due process and the dictates of the APC's constitution. “The meeting was neither convened nor attended by the APC national vice chairman (south-south), Hilliard Eta and leader of the party in the region Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege. 

“Hence, all decisions reached the purported meeting is a nullity and definitely does not reflect the views and stand of the party's south-south caucus,’’ he said. 

“Specifically, on the purported meeting's request that the APC NEC confirms Victor Giadom as acting national chairman, we cannot be taken for a ride because of the political and 2023 presidential aspirations of his (Giadom) sponsor and godfather who is attempting to control the party's structure,’’ he added. 

Meanwhile, the Bayelsa state chapter of the APC has suspended 12 of its chieftains alleging that they engaged in anti-party activities. 

Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, a former governorship aspirant in the state and a former member of Buhari Campaign Council, Preye Aganaba, and state deputy chairman, Orubebe Ogeibiri are among those suspended. 

EU coronavirus snub: Brussels fines Italy £7MILLION despite outbreak

European Union CHIEF Ursula von der Leyen made an emotional speech on Wednesday, claiming Europe will stand with Italy as it battles to halt the spread of the new coronavirus. Not even a day later, though, the European Court of Justice fined the boot-shaped country almost £7million.

Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen

On Wednesday, Italy imposed sweeping nationwide restrictions on travel and public life, in a desperate attempt to contain the coronavirus outbreak that looks set to plunge the world's eighth-largest economy into a steep recession. 

The measures announced include travel restrictions on 60 million residents, a ban on public events, the closure of schools, cinemas, museums and gyms, restaurants, bars and shops. 

The Italian government took action as the number of deaths caused by coronavirus had then reached 827 (now 1,266) and infections topped 14,000 (now 17,660).
The restrictions are in place until at least April 3.
Jack Allen-Reynolds, the senior Europe economist at Capital Economics, told CNN that Italy's economy will contract sharply in the first half of the year – even if the restrictions are lifted at the end of April, with GDP declining about 2 per cent for all of 2020.
The hit to GDP will be "much bigger" if the restrictions are extended until the end of June, he added.
He said: "This does not take into account the impact on the banking sector.
"The spillovers from the impact of the virus on other parts of the eurozone, or the potential supply-chain disruption if the virus really takes off in Germany and other key trade partners."
Responding to criticism that the EU has been slow to help, president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen made a speech on Wednesday, claiming Brussels will stand with Italy.
However, in the midst of what has been dubbed the worst health and economic crisis of our generation, the European Court of Justice – the body that has the task of ensuring compliance with European law – fined the boot-shaped country £6.8million for not having fully recovered the state aid granted to the Sardinian hotel sector in 2008.
Aid deemed illegitimate because it "causes distortions of the principle of competition within EU law".
In the early 2000s, the Italian state-granted various loans to the Sardinian hotel sector.
However, in 2009, the EU established Italy needed to recover the aid provided (£12.4 million) by the entrepreneurs.
In 2012, the first action for failure to fulfil obligations was initiated on a proposal from the European Commission.
The second one was triggered six years later, given the non-compliance with the recovery deadlines set for September 2014.
At the time, Rome claimed that getting back the money granted to Sardinian hoteliers was "impossible", given the many years since the disbursement of the funds.
But The European Court of Justice says Italy did not demonstrate the impossibility of recovering the sums and, while acknowledging the efforts made in recent years, spoke of serious and lasting infringement, such as to have caused a distortion of competition.
In addition to the £6.8 million fine, the EU flanked another £72,000 for each additional day of delay.

Odion Ighalo sends hopeful message to Manchester United fans amid coronavirus pandemic

Manchester United forward Odion Ighalo hopes to be back playing football in three weeks after Premier League football was initially postponed until April 3 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Odion Ighalo
Odion Ighalo
The overwhelming sentiment is that a return will not likely be before May, with a Premier League emergency meeting set to take place on Thursday to establish plans for the remainder of the season.
Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he is already recovering from Covid-19 having tested positive on Thursday, a diagnosis which was the catalyst to the Premier League season's suspension.
Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi also tested positive for Covid-19 and is recovering well in isolation.
Ighalo on Saturday took to Twitter to deliver a hopeful message of a quick return.
“See you guys in 3 weeks, pls [sic] be safe,” said the 30-year-old.
The striker arrived at United on loan from Chinese Super League club Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in early February and was initially ineligible to play, having to self-isolate under the government’s precautionary procedures.
Odion Ighalo
Ighalo has subsequently been in terrific form for United with four goals to his name, including a stunning strike against LASK in front of an empty stadium as the Red Devils ran out 5-0 winners in Austria in their final game being both domestic and European games were postponed.
As it stands, United sit fifth in the table and firmly in the hunt for a Champions League place, although it remains to be seen whether the current campaign will be concluded.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Napoli willing to accept Man Utd bid for Kalidou Koulibaly in summer transfer boost

Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis will reportedly not think twice if Manchester United try again with the same bid that was rejected for Kalidou Koulibaly last summer. The Senegal international was United's top choice heading into the transfer window last year.

Kalidou Koulibaly
Kalidou Koulibaly

The Red Devils were ready to pay a club-record £95million to sign the central defender with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keen to strengthen their defensive options.
Napoli though wasn't willing to budge on the £130million buyout clause in Koulibaly's contract.
United didn't want to meet that price though and swiftly moved their attention to Leicester's Harry Maguire.
Aaron Wan-Bissaka was also signed in that same window and United's defence has already looked an improved unit with those two additions this year.
But Ed Woodward is expected to once again hand over a transfer war chest to Solskjaer at the end of the season in a bid to strengthen the squad even further.
Improving the forward options appears to be a priority for United in the next transfer window, but reports have suggested they've maintained an interest in Koulibaly.
And the current situation at Napoli could lead the Premier League outfit to make an approach once again.
According to Italian outlet Gazzetta Dello Sport, De Laurentiis has softened his stance on letting Koulibaly leave.