Sunday, 2 April 2017

I was once a school teacher- Jidenna

Jidenna, the Nigerian born-american singer, revealed he was a shy person and how he was once a school teacher.
In his words:
“I studied a programme that had science technology and a little bit of music – It was basically electrical engineering: how to build all these stuff in the studio,” said Jidenna while speaking on a Beat FM show.
“After school, I decided to teach, mainly to make a little income and have enough time to work on music.
“I had to work four jobs and work on my music every day,” he said.
“I used to very shy but because I was in front of children every day, I had to put on a show. So I became a performer by virtue of teaching so it was a blessing in disguise,” he said.
“I worked in some of the worst schools in New York city. I worked in transfer schools. You get transferred there because you were suspended from another school. If you don’t make it there, it’s either you were in jail or end up pregnant.”

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