Thursday, 5 April 2018

Sexuality and contraceptive methods

This is how all believers should live their sexuality Chastity is a condition to which all believers are called. Everyone should live chastity in the situation in which he finds himself, perfect chastity who received orders or made vows, in continence those who are still unmarried and in married chastity those who are married. Marital chastity does not mean sexual abstinence but it means that husband and wife must live sexuality in its entirety in its authentic meaning, or as a mutual donation of themselves and union.

All religions condemn this, even the Muslim one. According to the religions, sex is only linked to procreation and not to pleasure, therefore masturbation is excluded contraception also because it does not include the offspring and premarital relationships are inconvenient because the woman and man must be granted one to the other only before God, that is after marriage ... being sacred and consecrated for the continuation of the species.

It is not true that matrimonial consent is only a formality because it is a decisive moment for the life of the two: before consent they know they are free and do not belong definitively; after consent, they are now one and they are no longer free to go back. In a word, when sexual intercourse does not presuppose the total gift of oneself, it is a falsification of the genuine meaning of the sign and trivialization of the true meaning of human sexuality (always according to religious logic).


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We know that most religions condemn contraceptive methods, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and so on. Today, in 2015, the churches are empty just for this reason: the world of faith can not adapt to the needs of the world, which sees in sexuality the completion of the human soul. But we think of all sexually transmitted diseases and infections. We ask ourselves if these illustrious and faithful men of the Church do not feel the responsibility of their declarations? Do you think it's right to instigate unprotected sex in 2018?

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