Sunday, 17 June 2018

Blac Chyna claims none of her baby daddies is paying her child support

Blac Chyna has come out to say she's singlehandedly raising her kids without the help of their fathers.

Today being Father's Day, the mother-of-two took to Instagram to say Tyga, who is the father  of her first child, and Rob Kardashian, who is the father of her youngest child, both don't pay child support.
This can be hard to believe because Rob has been reported to be paying Chyna $20k monthly in child support. Although it was also reported  that his family has been doing the payment on his behalf since his earning power is down to zero. 
It was also reported back in April that Rob was planning to contest the child support payment in court because he feels it is ridiculous since he and Chyna share 50/50 custody of baby Dream and he's with the child half of the time.
If Chyna's claim is anything to go by, that means Rob already stopped paying the $20,000 mandated by the court.


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