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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

DSS, Police capture many 'Shilla young men's in Adamawa

An infamous squad that spends significant time in the grabbing of handsets, pickpocketing, assaulting of under-matured and other social indecencies in Yola the Adamawa State capital and its environs has been crushed in different tasks by the Adamawa Police Command and the Department of State Security Services.

The more than fifty young men whose ages extend in the vicinity of 15 and 20years are individuals from a criminal gathering called "Shilla Boys" assaulting and ransacking their casualties in the state capital using Keke Napep, particularly towards occupied territories in the nighttimes.

The famous Shilla Boys were Tuesday taken under the steady gaze of the Nassarawo Area court in Jimeta by an authority of the Department of State Security Services for arraignment over their outrages against the general population.

The official (name withheld), told the court that the young men were captured in various dark spots of Aisha Ghandi Night club and little sambisa backwoods close Moddibo Adama University of Technology, Yola possessing inebriating substances and hazardous weapons used to harming their casualties at whatever point there is an obstruction.

Nigerian Police He said their criminal exercises in the state capital is developing to a bigger measurement continuously and has turned into a genuine risk to peace and security of the state capital.

Judge Japheth Ibrahim Basani in the wake of tuning in to the confession booth proclamation from the captured young people troubling of their individual inclusion into criminal offenses seething from attacking,robbing,raping and now and again slaughtering casualties in the wake of recovering them of their resources coordinated that they be remanded in both Jimeta and Yola detainment facilities for encouraging examination.

Additionally, the police summon affirmed the capture and indictment of more than twenty Shilla young men for different violations in the state.

A representative of the order S.P Othman Abubakar said that the summon had arrested, interrogated and arraigned more than twenty young men in different courts in the state.

Abubakar bemoaned that now and again guardians and legal are not helping the matter in battling the threat denouncing that if police made capture and take to courts, they are discharged back to the general public for the sake of allowing safeguard.

He in this way spoke to government particularly at the state level to intercede by charging the legal in doing the needful so the social orders can be weeded – up of these rotten ones

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