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Saturday, 29 December 2018

ALABA IN A STORY- Charlesdonald Freeman

I want to tell the story of ALABA INTERNATIONAL MARKET, LAGOS especially for people that have not been there before or planning to visit. Alaba market is a very vast market having different sections, from fancy and furniture to electronics/electric etc.
Some of the funny things that happen in Alaba market happens within F-line, D-line, st Peter's road and the almighty obosi plaza and so many other places.


Starting with F-line,
This is the best place you can buy clothes, laptops and computer software. One thing about this place is that everybody there is a hustler, even the customers are hustles too.
A customer can collect a laptop from another customer and sell it to another customer without the original customer knowing that the second party seller is also a customer.
Towards the first bank axis, your system can be stolen and brought back to you to buy and if you know your village people are not following you don't just claim is your system after all you are not the only one using that type of system.

Let's take a look at D-line,
Here is where you can buy channel iron, cable tray, steer rod, cables etc. Most of the people in this line are from ihitenansa in orsu local government area of Imo state. One of the most interesting thing about this line is that if you don't know how to stuck in don't even near there.
As far as you are a member of this line you must press your clothing, stuck in and wear big shoes. In this line if there are 1000 occupants, only 100 have a shop others are oso afia people.
What of St Peters,
here if you are a novice, they will sell iPhone Xs for you at the original rate while the phone is fake. You can even swap phones there but the problem is that you may bring your original Samsung S5 to swap S6, they will collect 30k and the S5 and give you China S6 that is business sense.


Here sarz, police and arm robbers are always on duty. Once you are there you must be at alert or else someone will push you inside the gutter and tell you I'm sorry then when you reach home, both your wallet and the phone will be nowhere to be found.
The secret here is once you are at St Peter, see everyone as a criminal. Once someone pushes you, drag the person back and search for your valuables and if found leave the person with an exit word "God just save you now " but If not found, my brother he is the prime suspect.

What of obosi plaza?
Chisos! Forget it, those people are a wizard. Any phone that can't be fixed there can't be fixed any where in the country.
I can't say anything about them, I won't even tell you, people, that anywhere you lose your phone around Ojo Alaba as a whole, that if you can rush down to obosi plaza immediately, you will see the stealer either marketing the phone or formatting it.
I won't tell you, people, anything about obosi plaza because they fit hacks my phone than off am

You see Alaba bridge,
If you have a powerful car and you are coming to Alaba for the first time, be alert because immediately you are approaching that bridge (that's after canal towards sunny bus stop) some group of boys about 5 to 7 of them will be chasing your vehicle, hitting your windscreen and car Burnet, don't panic my dear because they are not kidnappers or arm robbers, they are just ndi oso afia. They sell everything in this life but they have no shop address.
Less I forget, I just have to tell that the little bridge there has drunk a lot of blood. That is where some greedy marketers make there sacrifice at night and in the morning, blood overflows. No one knows there the reason for that.
Look at how you are frightened, have you forgotten that you have the God of chosen that answers prayer.

Now this one is a bonus package,
This place, many people don't know about the place except for people that want to know and that place is called phone village. This place is located at the back of electronics line very close to the popular ubakason plaza(people that watch Nigeria movies well must be familiar with this plaza).
In this phone village, everybody is afraid of everybody and everybody is afraid of soldiers. Please if you don't know how to differentiate between original Samsung, iPhone, infinix, tecno etc don't near this place or else you will end up buying something that looks like the original at the original price.
And the rules is that there is no refund of money after payment.
One of the most loving thing about this place is that you can get a second-hand phone at a very cheap discount but the problem here is that half of the phone sold here came from the window.
In short, don't go to this place if you are not a street guy, if you must go please go with guy wey Sabi or contact me *smiles*


Warning: only second-hand phones (London use) are sold here. New phones found in this zone are mostly cloned.
So when next you are coming to Alaba or you are coming for the first time stay safe, the market is a lovely place to be

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