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Thursday, 13 December 2018

See What This Man Did That Made This Woman Hail Him (Photos)

A lady has taken to social media to hail a man who constantly helps his wife with the house chores and takes delight in it. According to Victoria Danso who was thrilled by the unusual gesture, the man and father of three children who works night shift in a factory collects his own share of house work from the wife who appreciates him and labelled him an angel in human form.
Read the full report below as shared by Victoria on Facebook:-
Meet bro Emma, the husband of a woman who sells foodstuff in my area. They have three children, the youngest is the one in the picture. His wife, Kabuki leaves home at 5 o’clock in the morning everyday, except Sundays, to go to Agbogbloshie to buy stuff to sell in their container shop.
Bro Emma works the night shift in a factory, he, gets home before his wife leaves, he bathes and feeds the children, takes the two older ones to school, comes back to open their shop and starts attending to customers while taking care of their baby.
He does this till his wife returns from town, around 11 o’clock he helps to bring the things down from the car, makes sure everything is set up well, helps in selling before he goes home to rest for another night shift.
First day i saw him in the container, he was cutting okro for a customer who said she was too busy to do it at home. I walked over and started him in a convo, he told me he didn’t find anything wrong with helping the woman he had married and the children God had given them.
His wife, didn’t let him finish his sentence, she walked right up to me and said. “Sis Vicky, this man you see here is an angel in human form, he does all these things without complaining, sometimes i ask God what i did to deserve this blessing, Please, thank him for me wai”
At this point, i had tears in my eyes. I prayed for him,showered him with lots of accolades and went on my way. If you’re a man and you don’t help your wife at home, but you always want to do distin, even when she’s bone tired, learn from bro Emma and change your ways. Remember, we’ll not tolerate that character in 2019.

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