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Friday, 25 January 2019

Ants Saves 16 Year Old From Rapist

A 16-year old who was a victim of an attempted rape has narrated how she was saved from the ill ordeal by an unusual savior.

Identified by the Initials A.S, she said the alleged rapist Toni Irawan approached her and offer to give her a free ride around Sukamaju South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia. She revealed that Irawan started acting all funny and asked her for sex which she immediately refused.

He stopped the car and she tired escaping but he grabbed her, dragged her into the nearby bush and tired to forcefully have sex with her.

While she was struggling with him, a colony of ants miraculously came to her aid and attacked Irawan who went on his heels due to the agonizing pains. She eventually got up, ran to nearby houses to sort help.

Sukamaju police chief Iptu Alimin Pammu told local media that Irawan has since been arrested and is currently on remand as the investigation continues.

If found guilty, he faces between three and 15 years in prison.

16-year-old girl saved by ants after they bite man trying to rape her
Irawan (Middle) in handcuffs

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