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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Satisfied Victim Begs Court Not To Jail Her Rapist

Rape! A serious offense that scars the victim both physically and psychologically, is a serious crime in virtually all countries of the world.

Not An Actual Scene Of The Incident

The magistrate and entire audience in a court room were shocked when the rape victim pleaded on behalf of the accused because she enjoyed the rape.

The 22-year old left every one puzzled as she begs the court to withdraw the two (2) count change against the man who abused her, claiming that they have fallen inlove with each other.

The woman identified as Talent Zvenyika, hails from Featherstone in Zimbabwe asked the judge preciding over her case to withdraw all charges on William Chiocha who has raped her on two occasions.

William who is 38 Years old was later freed as the judge withdrew the case.

Zvenyika claimed that after the rape incident, she have had multiple sex with William , enjoyed it and have fallen in love with him. She also stated that they have forgiven each other of past crimes and are serious in love.

It was the State’s case that the accused raped the complainant twice on different occasions during her husband’s absence.

The complainant then divulged the rape ordeals to her husband after a while upon realising that her husband’s friend, Ozias Dzaramba had not told him as she had asked him to.

Her husband then reported the case at Charter Police Base.

Zvenyika told the court;

“I am not the one who reported the case to the police. Although I did not consent on the first and second times, we later on indulged in consensual sex on several other instances after we asked each other for forgiveness for previous cases. We are now in love and therefore the case can be withdrawn,” 

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