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Monday, 21 January 2019

Saudi Man Stranded In The Desert, Eats Two Of His Wives To Survive (Photos).

A Saudi man and two of his four wives have miraculously survived after a tragic car crash left them stranded in the scorching heat of the Saudi desert for 13 days.

Identified as Mustapha Ali Hamad, was traveling with four of his wives to Ash Shalfa for a family gathering when things got out of hands with mother nature and they ended up in a massive sandstorm which eventually crashed their car, and killed one of his wife at the spot.


They were left for dead in the scrotching desert sun for three days without food and bearly enough water before he sent two of his wives to go look help as he was unable to go due to his medical condition.

The two women roamed around the desert for 10 days before finding civilization in a small remote village were rescurers volunteered to help them. 
On getting to the location, they were left in shock to find 2 wives dead and only Hamad alive and well nourished after feeding on the dead women as a desperate means of survival.

While shading tears he told reporters:

“I hope Allah can forgive me in this moment of weakness for eating the flesh of both of my deceased wives, but I could not control myself, I was so hungry,”.
“I fear Allah’s judgment for what I have done but all my wives are devout Muslims and so I believed the flesh of their dead bodies to be halal (lawful or permissible)”  
 During his 13-day ordeal, Hamad told journalists that he decided he had no other choice but to feed upon his deceased wife who had perished during the car accident, but that his other wife vehemently refused to do so and died of starvation three days later.

Hamad also said:
I fear authorities will punish me for my horrible actions but i put my faith in Allah’s hands and i am ready to confront whatever judgment will befall upon me.
Although it is not allowed to kill a human being under Islamic law with the specific intention of eating him, most Muslim scholars agree cannibalism is permitted, but only under special circumstances.

The Saudi desert is the biggest in the world

Ibn Al-Araby who is a Muslim Scholar Wrote:
“It is not proper to eat human flesh unless the person makes sure that this act saves him from starving to death”
 He further quoted his book titled "The doctrine of perfect man (Al-Insān al-Kāmil) where is said:
“It is also not permitted to perform sexual acts upon the dead person’s body unless it is the body of an Infidel,”
Hamad is presently under intensive medical care as doctors fear his overweight condition and diabetes may have put an enormous strain on his heart and vital organs.

Doctors were also surprised to learn that Hamad had lost absolutely no weight during his excruciating 13-day ordeal but had gained a healthy four pounds.

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