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Friday, 25 October 2019

Lady Mercilessly Beats Her Boyfriend For Cheating On Her [Video]

The wide beliefs that men are naturally born cheats in a relationship is rapidly becoming an undeniable fact as reports of cheating men are being recorded daily in almost every relationship.

Some weeks back, a female student of The University of Ghana was filmed beating the hell out of her man with a bathroom slippers after she caught him cheating with another lady

Today a similar video has surfaced of a Fante speaking lady in Ghana, beating her boyfriend who cheated on her with another lady whom she called a prostitute, like all controversial stories the video has gone viral.
In the videotape, the pair were seen on the bed with the lady dominantly ontop the man, throwing slaps and punches at him while in a sobber mood.

She was heard angrily asking whether that lady he cheated on her with is better than her?

watch the video below:

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