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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Man Narrates How His Pastor Father Almost Killed Him

A Nigerian man identified as Jatto Ezekiel, took to Facebook to narrate how he was almost killed by his father who is a pastor.

Sharing images of his sustained injuries, Jatto said his father almost killed him because he didn't believe his explanation on the existence of God.

He further alleged his father severely beat up his mother severally when he was much younger.

Jatto wrote:
“My Dad just literarily tried to kill me. Because I do not buy his explanations for the existence of God.“He said God was going to judge me, both physical and spiritual, and I told him that God should take his pick, which ever one.“That’s when my dad began to pour out his frustration on me with his fists, and then when he saw he couldn’t subdue me, he went for a large rock, for which to cave my head in like a cave man fight. But on lookers intervened, even though they all wished he killed me.“Funny thing is that they guy is a pastor, and that’s how he beats my mom when we were kids.“Fu*king Christians”

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