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Monday, 18 November 2019

Mompha Has Allegedly Made a Deal With EFCC To Secure His Freedom Soon

It seems like social media celebrity of note by name Mompha, the international IG celebrity with over six hundred thousand plus followers/fans and admirers and former great friend of celebrity loudmouth and another social media sensation Hushpuppi aka Aja Puppi or Aja IV whose supposed real name is Raymond Igbalode; who a few weeks ago was caught by the EFCC on a flight that was getting set to return him back to his domain in Dubai, the UAE, who without his knowledge had been kept him under close observation on the suspicion of grand fraud and international cybercrime involvements, might, in fact, be clandestinely and surreptitiously charting a new road or path to redemption for himself.

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And if all works out as planned by him and his associates, he might soon, we mean pretty soon at that be breathing the fresh air of freedom, as the case against him might soon be quashed and would disappear and those who should convict him, might soon deliberately be clawing at cobwebs or thin air! Although that would be ghastly!

Some had speculated in the aftermath of his arrest, that it was only going to be a matter of time before the dude would soon walk out and be free from all allegations laid against him. Especially with how notorious they feel the anti-graft body are. There had been very many loud Whispers then that, it was very likely that Mompha whose real name is 'Ismaila Mustapha', would soon be free again to go about his businesses unencumbered, after he might have paid, let go of some very hefty sum to some people to secure his freedom.

Those who claims he might soon be released, are also of the opinion that amongst the fishes involved in the whole web of criminality that Mompha is supposed or alleged to be involved in, that he is just a mid-sized fish in the middle, that is in comparison to the more big sized fishes, the sharks and whales, that could be involved too, who are still in the dark and who might actually be the untouchables. Some are of the opinion that this untouchables might actually be in Government or might actually be connected powerfully to those in Government.

Though we had argued vehemently against such thoughts, especially as we had postulated that, if 'Mompha' was ever just going to be released like that or better still if he would go scot-free and be told to sin no more, without facing a judge to actually determine his case, then the whole mess wouldn't have enjoyed the sort of attention that heralded it the way it was. Just imagine the kind of staggering amount already discovered, which is in excess of 30 billion Naira!!!!

We had even also postulated that with the involvement of the FBI already in the case, waiting and wanting to make sure that this fish(es) in the puzzle caught would be sent to jail and coupled with the kind of goodwill that came the way of the EFCC over his capture and that of his Lebanese heavyweight accomplice/partner, then the anti-graft body wouldn't dare bungle the case.

In preparation though for maybe his eventual release, seems like Mompha either by himself, having been allowed access back to his Instagram account or maybe through surrogates, has since totally wiped out, removed, deleted all the very many pictures that chronicled his very loud existence of before, which made him the celebrated sensation that he is today. All the pictures of those state of arts machines he loved to show off and celebrate; all the pictures of his various intimidating wrist-watches; all the many pictures of him decked out in his various designer garbs; all the pictures of him with family, showing off their awesome wealth and more are all now GONE!

We actually think the premise behind the full wipeout would have been that, the showcase actually celebrated a lifestyle of 'vulgarism and ostentatious living' to the height, that he might not be able to readily defend. It showed all of the limited edition cars-The Rolls Royce, Ferrari etc, watches and more. All of those kind of things that could easily indict and prove that he is an international fraudster or cyber criminal/fraudster as alleged are gone.

So with this wipe out now, the only pictures his several fans & worshippers now have, are those they might have captured long before or just those still copied in their minds eyes. Hmmmmmm.

Would Mompha actually gain freedom soon?

Hmmmmm, let's wait and see.

As we all know very well that magic is very real abi? So abracadabra can always happen.

It's not impossible!

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