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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Security Man Who Force Young Girls To Have Sex With Him Jailed For 14 Years

A security guard who works for a fashion retail outlet has been sentenced to 14 years after he was found guilty of forcing teenage shoplifters, especially girls, to perform sex acts on him.

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Zia Uddin, 27, found four girls, all aged 15, shoplifting and told them he would let them go if they agreed to his demands. Investigators found that he had a stash of condoms in the control room at the Kingston-upon-Thames branch where he worked.
He also kept their telephone numbers and would call them after they had left the shop, hoping for further sexual encounters.

Uddin was charged guilty of rape and four counts of making or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity following a trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Colleagues at Brooknight Security became questionable when Uddin did not fill in the correct paperwork when shoplifters were apprehended and requested that CCTV footage was deleted. One victim said she only did as Uddin asked because ‘there was no other choice.’
Judge Georgina Kent also banned him from working with children indefinitely. Graham Partridge, from the CPS, said: ‘Zia Uddin preyed on young girls in a vulnerable situation.

‘He abused his authority by telling them to perform sexual acts for him on the promise that they would then be released without their parents or the police being informed about what they had done.‘Having worked in security, Uddin was also well aware of the CCTV camera ‘blind spots’ and took advantage of these in order to carry out his offending.‘Telephone evidence also showed that Uddin had made a number of personal phone calls to other girls accused of shoplifting after acquiring their phone numbers through the incidents.‘During the trial Uddin claimed all the victims were liars and refused to take responsibility for his actions.’ A Primark spokesman said:‘This has been a horrendous ordeal for the victims and their families and we are truly sorry for what they have suffered. Our thoughts are very much with them.‘The nature of these offences is shocking and distressing. ‘Zia Uddin abused the trust that was placed in him by his employer, Brooknight Security, and by us, by taking advantage of his victims, who were young and vulnerable.’

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