Tuesday, 28 January 2020


The headline that has recently sold several papers in millions has been: Umahi PDP, PDP Umahi; Umahi APC, APC Umahi. Many have held firm that the governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE is somewhat playing double standard with PDP and APC. I have held myself from wasting my time reacting to such unfounded rumours from naysayers who don't understand the workings of a political party and its allegiance but I am prompted to set some records straight.

Testimonies of Governor Umahi’s steadfastness and commitment towards the building of People Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi and Nigeria in general have continued to resonate, even as jobless fault finders kept on searching for loophole to penetrate into. These fault finders are sponsored agents of power hungry politicians, and political desperados, whose core job is to mislead the general public with false/twisted information. They ensure the twisting of every statement from Governor Umahi to give him a bad image before the masses without recourse to the fact that Umahi has paid his dues and cannot be merely dragged on the mud by fabricating lies on the pages of newspapers as his developmental strides speaks heavier than failed mission.

For the records: Governor Umahi was a successful businessman/contractor before joining politics as the PDP acting Chairman in 2007.  His outstanding leadership led to his subsequent conferment as the Party Chairman in 2009-2011 before his nomination by the then Governor, Chief Martin Elechi as his Deputy between 2011 - 2014 before he contested under the People's Democratic Party which campaign was coordinated by the Divine Mandate Campaign Organisation against the will of godfathers and victoriously won the election in 2015.

Since then and as I write, Umahi has remained in PDP even before becoming the Party State Chairman and is firmly still in the party with not exit plan in sight.

The Problem: Governor Umahi was brought up in a Christian home in Uburu, Ohaozara LGA, Ebonyi State and was taught how not to disrespect and/or abuse elders/leaders. Umahi has also refused to play politics with his personal relationship with anyone.

 For Governor Umahi, politics starts few weeks to the election time and ends immediately after the election day after which the next should be work, work to serve those that have enthroned him.

This style of politics has made him relate freely with everyone without party affiliation while permanently placing political neophytes to keep wondering and bamboozled.
To further confirm the political style of Governor Umahi,  President Muhammadu Buhari, while addressing traditional rulers during his visit in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State for his second term campaign reiterated that Umahi never talked about party and politics on their several meetings but has always focused on how Ebonyi and Igboland will be developed.
The same was corroborated by Chief Audu Ogbeh during his time as the Minister of Agriculture on December, 2018 when commissioning fertilizer blending plant in Ebonyi. The former Minister stated that Umahi understands politics as he does not talk party except how to develop Ebonyi.

He further recommended a brand like Umahi for Presidency remarking he represented the kind of president desired for a continued economic emancipation of Nigeria.

Few important points to note:

1. Among all the Governors in PDP, Umahi delivered Ebonyi 100% to PDP, Presidential, Senate, House of Representatives and House of Assembly inclusive in the 2015 elections and did same in the just concluded 2019 election.

2. Okowa/Umahi headed the Committee that delivered the most transparent party congress which birthed Atiku/Obi as the party flag bearer in the 2019 PDP Congress.

3. Umahi, during his time as a party Chairman, built the biggest and most beautiful party secretariate  across the country. The elegant and fine furnished structure is still standing firm for the party in Ebonyi State.

4. Governor Umahi has remained a true party man from his time as Party Chairman to his time as Deputy Governor and throughout is first tenure as Governor and he is still a true PDP even till tomorrow.

5. During his time as a deputy Governor, many stakeholders decamped to Labor party but he held the party strong in Ebonyi, he delivered the party and emerged the Governor.

6. Governor Umahi has dutifully and honestly delivered on several party national assignments.

Having read the above, I may be tempted to ask, who is more PDP than Umahi?

Conclusively, paid journalists have attempted to gag Governor Umahi and ensure he never joke while making speeches, a character of Umahi that gives him joy. They have attempted to stop him from relating with people he knows before party but interestingly, all their efforts on the pages of newspapers are effort in futility.

If Umahi has interest in decamping to any other party other than PDP, he will snap his finger and make it happen but when a king is resting in his palace and passerby’s are insinuating that he is not at home, he simply laugh and say what a joke.

Governor Umahi is PDP, has paid his dues as a true party man and has no intention to jump exit the party. If they bring you fake story about Umahi and PDP, discard it and keep to your front as Governor David Nweze Umahi _dey kankpe in PDP_

Francis Nwaze
Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on Media
28th January, 2020

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