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Sunday, 24 May 2020

How A Bank Ruined My Relationship – Man Tells

I just met this lady and everything seems to be clicking. she just started a business after I gingered her and I had to patronize her.

In the course I transferred some money to her to patronize her far more money than she was selling the Stuff to encourage her.
The bank debited me and I told her I sent it.
Throughout that day she claimed not to have gotten the money.
Then throughout the next day same story so the third day I went to the bank to receive the statement of account.
Lo and behold her name was boldly written and the bank people told me she has gotten it.
I got very angry and sent it to her but I didn’t tell her anything I just ignored her call.
A policeman asked for her number at the bank that he will question her.
Throughout these period I ignored her, and I was just imagining how a beautiful light skin tender looking babe will behave like this.
Then lo and behold today the bank reversed the money. I can’t explain the feeling of disappointment.
Now she said she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me again that she doesn’t want wahala for her life.
She finally picked after many trials of calling, and she insisted on me leaving her life.
She even said she’s not doing business again.

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