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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Ondo 2020: Given waiver to Agboola Ajayi cannot Stand

The National Chairman,
Peoples Democratic Party

The National Working Committee,
Peoples Democratic Party

Re: Application for Waiver :
The waiver purportedly granted Alfred Agboola Ajayi to contest as candidate in the governorship election scheduled for 10th October 2020 is an exercise in illegality and futility.

1. Our attention has been drawn to a letter dated 26th July 2020, signed by Your Excellency    and the National Secretary on behalf  of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

2. The letter which was addressed to "H.E Alfred Agboola Ajayi Deputy  Governor, office of the Deputy Governor, Government House Akure", informed the said Alfred Agboola Ajayi of the purported approval of his application seeking the granting of waiver to participate in the party's gubernatorial primary election scheduled  for the 22nd July 2020.

3. The said letter (copy  of which is herewith attached) was sequel to the decision  of the NWC at its meeting of 25th June 2020 and based on the "relevant provisions of the Party's constitution particularly Section 50 (5) (b) as amended in 2017"

4. For the avoidance of any doubt, Section 50 (5) (b) of the party constitution provides:
"In considering waiver...the following shall apply:
(b) for members aspiring for party position or nomination for posts of Governor, the deciding authority shall be the National Working Committee, provided that the process of clearance of the waiver starts from the Ward level"

5. By the Time-Table and Schedule of Activities issued by the Directorate of Organization and Mobilization for the Ondo  State 2020 Gubernatorial election/nomination, the following information are germaine.

(a) Sales of Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms----Monday June 8- Monday June 22, 2020.
(b) Last day for submission of Forms (EOI & NOI)----  Friday June 26, 2020.
(c)Screening of Aspirants---- Thursday July 02, 2020.

6. In a public statement dated 3rd July 2020, signed by Comrade Allen Sowore, the letter dated 26th June 2020 conveying the approval of the waiver purportedly granted Mr. Alfred Agboola Ajayi was received by him on 2nd July 2020.

7. Contrary to the provision of the party's constitution aforesaid, the alleged waiver process was not initiated by  the Executive Committee of Apoi Ward 1, nor by the Ese-Odo Local Government Chapter of the party.

8. It is a notorious fact that there is no subsisting Ondo State Executive Committee of the party with the legal capacity to effect a waiver process. The Caretaker Committee, which is a contraption of 7 members of the defunct Executive Committee and 6 other members illegally injected there-unto purportedly representing the interest of each of the two contestants for the office of the State Chairman, was designed only to midwife the process of electing a new State Executive Committee of the party.

9. The Congress having been suspended indefinitely, the Caretaker Committee has been technically dissolved and now replaced by a newly constituted one by the National Working Committee of the party.

10. By Section 2 of the party's constitution, and "subject to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and any other law in force, the constitution of the party shall be supreme and its provisions shall have binding force on all members and organs of the party"

In the light of the foregoing, we observe, submit as follows:

(a) It is clear that, by the 25th of June when the NWC met considering the approval of Alfred Agboola Ajayi for waiver, the sale of nomination form for aspirants has closed by the time-table issued by the NWC.

(b) The said letter of the NWC dated 26th June 2020 the last day for submission of nomination form and conveying the approval of the waiver is of no moment.

(c) 2nd July 2020, the day Mr. Alfred Agboola Ajayi just received the letter of approval, according to his media aide, was the day screening of aspirants, who legitimately purchased the nomination form.

(d) The waiver procedure is a nullity having not been initiated nor effected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the party's constitution.

(e) Mr. Alfred Agboola Ajayi, having not been granted waiver before the expiration of the time so scheduled by the time-table for the primary election, is not qualified to purchase the nomination form nor participate in the screening exercise, rendering his participation therein a nullity and ineffectual.

(f) The process  of the alleged waiver, having failed to comply With the relevant provisions of the party's constitution is of no effect.
(g) The NWC is thus respectfully enjoined to reverse the purported waiver granted Mr. Alfred Agboola Ajayi to contest in the Ondo State governorship primary.

TAKE NOTICE: That in the event of the refusal of the NWC to act and timely in the above regards, we shall, in conjunction with other critical stakeholders, set necessary legal processes in motion to enforce and protect the sanctity of the party's constitution.

Dated this day 8th of July, 2020

Comr. Tomiwa Matthews 
National Coordinator PDP Youths Integrity Network

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