5 reasons you should avoid naming your children after famous celebrities

1.One has no idea regarding their celebrity’s personality.

Every child has their own path. Naming your child after someone you barely know might be one way of setting them up for trouble or failure.

Naming a child after someone

2. Carry on your family’s generational name.

Traditionally, we used to assign names to our children after people who raised and interacted with us.

In most cases, children have been named after their grandparents. This was seen as a sign to carry on the name within the family.

 famous celebrities

3. Challenge your creativity and name them what you really wanted to. 

If you wanted to give your child a traditional name, then do so.

Every one feels forced into deciding an English name for their baby. That shouldn’t be the norm if you didn’t want that.

naming your children

4.Be unique. 

I am not against the fact that naming your child after a certain celebrity is bad. I am against naming them after people you barely know anything about.


5.Determining your child’s destiny through naming. 

Naming your child can determine the child’s future. If you name a child after a certain famous footballer, you are veering and setting their destiny into also becoming a footballer.

If you name your baby after President Barack Obama he might end up becoming a leader in the future.

However, there are so many good names out there. You can search for names in the dictionary or bible. famous celebrities


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