Biography of Eros Ramazzotti: Age, Lifestyle and Career

Eros Ramazzotti was Born on October 28, 1963, in Cinecittà, Rome, “where it is easier to dream than to face reality “. Eros spends his childhood occasionally appearing in the mass scenes of some films and dreaming of a bright career as a singer, encouraged by father Rodolfo who is a building painter but has also recorded some songs.

Biography of Eros Ramazzotti: Age, Lifestyle and Career

After middle school, Ramazzotti asked to enter the Conservatory but was rejected in the entrance exam, so he enrolled in accounting. The school experience is short: he only has music in mind and he already retires in the second year.

In 1981 he took part in the Voci Nuove di Castrocaro competition: he reached the final with “Rock 80”, a song written by himself that allowed him to obtain his first recording contract with the young DDD label. 

Eros Ramazzotti moves to Milan and lives right in the headquarters of the record company: his brother Marco and mother Raffaella also take up home in the shadow of the Madonnina. 

In 1982 he released his first single entitled “To a friend”, but he was still an immature talent, so he was joined by an expert musician: Renato Brioschi.

After only a year of work, success suddenly arrives Eros triumphs among the “young proposals” of the 1984 Sanremo Festival with “Promised Land”, written together with Renato Brioschi and Alberto Salerno (author of the text).

“Terra promessa” is published all over Europe, because its record companies work since the first album considering Ramazzotti an international artist: all his records will also be translated into Spanish. Nothing is left to chance: even the “signature” Eros Ramazzotti is a logo that is always the same in all his albums. 

In the meantime, the work team changes Piero Cassano (who left the Matia Bazar) for the music, Adelio Cogliati (still his lyricist) for the lyrics and Celso Valli (also still at his side) for the arrangements.

In 1985 Eros Ramazzotti returned to the Sanremo Festival and took sixth place with “An important story”, a song contained in the debut album “Agitated Hearts”. The single “An important story” sells a million copies in France alone and becomes a European hit.

In 1986 he released his second album entitled “New heroes” but above all, he won the victory at the Sanremo Festival (third consecutive participation) with the song “Oggi tu”.

The third album in three years: in 1987 the cd “In Certain Moments” was released which contains the duet with Patsy Kensit in the song “The good light of the stars”.

Eros Ramazzotti is the protagonist of a nine-month-long tour with a boundless audience: over one million spectators. The CD “In Certain Moments” achieves exceptional results: over 3 million copies sold worldwide. 

The number of his fans grows further with the following mini-album “Musica è” (1988), characterized by the title-track: a lyrical suite masterfully interpreted by Ramazzotti, which proves to have reached full artistic maturity.

The consecration of Eros Ramazzotti as an international artist comes in April 1990 when 200 journalists from all over the world attended the press conference in Venice for the presentation of his fifth album: “In every sense”, published in 15 countries. 

The American record artist Clive Davis, conquered by the talent of Eros, advises him to hold a concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York: Ramazzotti is the first Italian artist to perform on that prestigious stage, with a flattering sold out.

Another long tour follows which culminates the following year with the double live album “Eros in concert” from 1991: the album is presented on December 4th in Barcelona with a concert in front of 20 thousand people, broadcast in worldwide and sponsored by the Italian and Spanish governments. 

The entire proceeds from the show are donated to charity, divided equally between the Istituto dei Tumori of Milan and that of Barcelona.

The two-year period 1993-1994 was full of professional satisfaction: the album “Tutti Storie” (1993) sold 6 million copies and reached the top of the hit parades all over Europe. The music video for the first single “Cose della vita” is directed by cult New York director Spike Lee, who had never before shot a video for a white artist. 

The European tour of “Tutti Stories” is one of the most important of the season: after the shows in the Old Continent, Eros Ramazzotti performs a tour of concerts in fifteen Latin American countries.

Upon returning to Italy, the experience of the “trio” with Pino Daniele and Jovanotti was born from an idea of ​​Ramazzotti: it is the Italian live event of the year. 

In November he performs live at the MTV Awards in Berlin singing “Cose della vita”. Eros Ramazzotti’s golden year, 1994, ends with the signing of a worldwide contract for BMG International.

In the summer of 1995, he took part in the European Summer Festival musical gathering together with Rod StewartElton John and Joe Cocker

The following year, exactly on May 13, 1996, he publishes the cd “Where there is music”, the first completely self-produced. Made between Italy and California with the collaboration of internationally renowned musicians, it achieves exciting results: over 7 million copies sold. 

An immense personal joy is soon added to professional gratification: a few days after the end of the European tour, his daughter Aurora Sophie (in Sorengo, Switzerland; on December 5, 1996) is born, with Michelle Hunziker

Eros Ramazzotti immediately proves to be an affectionate, caring and scrupulous father: in the following months, he dedicated himself exclusively to his child. The only concession to the music, the song “That’s All I Need To Know” written for Joe Cocker.

In October 1997 the greatest hits “Eros” was released: a disc of connection between the spontaneity of his first songs and the international pop-rock of the CD “Where is music”. 

The disc is enriched by two unpublished compositions (“Quanto amore sei” and “Ancora un minute di sole”) and is embellished by duets with Andrea Bocelli in the song “Musica è” and with Tina Turner in “Cose della vita – Can’t stop thinking of you “.

In February 1998 he starts a very successful world tour that takes him to South America, the United States and Europe. 

In May he participates in the ” Pavarotti and Friends” (directed by Spike Lee ), singing together with Luciano Pavarotti “If enough a song” (from the 1990 album “In Every Sense”). 

Also in 1998, he released the live album “Eros Live” with two duets recorded during the world tour: “Cose della vita – Can’t stop thinking of you” with Tina Turner (surprise guest star of the crowded concert at the San Siro stadium of Milan) and “That’s All I Need To Know – Defend” with Joe Cocker(sung in the Munich performance). 

A little less than a year later, in March 1999, he was awarded in Hamburg with the Echo Award (the Oscar of German music) as “best international music artist”.

With his Radiorama structure, Eros Ramazzotti also tries his hand as a record producer: at the beginning of 2000, he makes the CD “Come fa bene amore” by Gianni Morandi

In October of the same year (2000) he published his “Stilelibero” (the eighth album of unreleased songs) which confirms his worldwide artistic caliber: the cd boasts collaborations with producers of absolute prestige such as Celso Valli, Claudio Guidetti, Trevor Horn and Rick Nowels. Among the songs, there is an exciting duet with Cher in the song “Più che You can”.


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