Nigeria population

The Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), Nasir Kwarra, on Tuesday disclosed that the country’s population figure is now officially 206 million.

Nigeria population

Kwarra, said this while briefing reporters in Abuja on the commencement of the next Enumeration Area Demarcation.

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Kwarra said since Nigeria had not been able to hold a census in the last 14 years, it would be difficult to know the exact population of the country.

His words: “In the absence of actual census, we formally do projections and we have all along been doing our projections and we estimate that as of 2020, the estimated population of Nigeria 206 million”.

Asked when the next population census will take place, He said President Muhammadu Buhari had the sole right to announce the next census.

Kwarra, however, said he was certain that Buhari would do the needful soon, adding that the commission is working on getting Buhari to make the proclamation.


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