2023 Presidential aspirant Professor Kingsley Moghalu has stated that Change is coming in 2023 and blasted Senators who voted against electronic transmission of results.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu who has addressing the issues with regards to the members of the Senate voting against the Electronic transmission of the election result, said that they Senators are afraid of Transparency. In his words he has this to say,

“Some worry the 2023 election is already rigged. But it’s also true that the Senators that voted against electronic transmission know that a sea change is coming in ’23, and their vote is a sign of desperation.’

“If 50 million Nigerians RESOLVE & vote for a new, capable leadership that will make Nigeria a modern, 21st century digital nation, no Jupiter can rig the election. Which scenario plays out depends entirely on all of us as citizens, not cowardly “Sinators” afraid of transparency.’

#SWAG Agenda 2023
War Against Poverty: Skills, #Jobs for the Youth, #Innovation , Access to Capital
Accelerated Education &Healthcare Reform
Good Governance: Inclusive, Effective, Transparent, Accountable”

Professor Moghalu concluded.


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