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DAX celebrates his Nigerian fans, saying they are his second largest fan base on FB

Canadian born Rapper of Nigerian roots DAX has celebrated his Nigerian fan base, saying they are his second largest fan base on Facebook.

DAX made this known in a post he shared on his social media page where he wrote,

“AMAZING…NIGERIA is now the 2ND BIGGEST country in our Facebook family and overall support base. It’s been amazing to see the support grow from AFRICA and the country where my roots lie. To set the record straight I was born in Canada. Both my parents were born in Nigeria. I can speak pidgin because I spent my whole childhood infused in Nigerian culture. From Igbo school, to watching hundreds of Nollywood movies with my dad, and just being around the whole Canadian Nigerian community all the time it’s just second nature because that how I grew up. ‘

“Btw feel free to scroll down my page to 2016 and watch some of my Nigerian comedy videos lol. Anyways It’s been great to see more people find out about my background and relate with me and the music. What I love most is that the support is growing because of WHO I TRULY AM instead of what I AM NOT. Lagos is actually my biggest support city worldwide which is a pleasant surprise as well. Thank you. Also I’m excited to show you guys what country has become the biggest. I was shocked tbh. Any guesses? LOVE YOU ALL! “

DAX who recently released a 10mins rap series tittled “THE NEXT RAP GOD” was born in Canada to a Nigerian parent.

He has so many hit tracks to his name which includes “Dear God“, “My last Words etc.

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