Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has taking a swipe at his players following there Uefa Europa league exit last night.

The North London club (Tottenham) was knocked out of the competition by Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb. Despite Jose Mourinho’s side winning in the first leg of the encounter by 2 – 0 last week, Zagreb fought back by winning 3 – 0 in the extra time after the game ended by 2 – 0 at Ninety minutes in favour of the home side (Zagreb).

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho was not a happy man after the game and in his post match interview labaled his team as unserious and not taking the game to be important.

The Portuguese tactician has this to say, “In the 90mins and the first half of the extra time (there was) one team who decided to leave everything on the pitch,

They left everything there, they left sweat, they left energy and they left blood. In the end of the game they left even tears of happiness. Very humble, very committed and I have to praise them.’

On the other side, my team I repeat my team, I am there. Didn’t look like they were playing an important match. And if for any one of them it’s not an important match, For me it is. For the respect I have for my own career and my job. Every match is an important match for me. “


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