Chelsea Boss Thomas Tunchel has stated that he is proud of his teams hard work and professionalism after their elimination of FC Porto.

The Blues progressed to the Semi finals of the Uefa Champions league last night despite loosing by 0 – 1 to Portuguese side FC Porto. Chelsea won the corresponding fixture by 2 – 0 last week to go through with a 2 – 1 aggregate score line.

Tunchel was a happy man in his post match interview as he said he’s very proud of his teams hard and professionalism.

“We accepted what was needed tonight and I think we deserved to go through,’ assessed Tuchel.

‘It was a tough game, perhaps not the best to watch on the television, but from the sidelines I could see a very fast and intense match.

“It was a tough fight and we had to work hard at times to escape the pressure. They played in a very fluid and aggressive way. They showed that they can change positions all the time, they come up behind and overlap and then, in the next instance, they can underlap. So we had to be ready to adapt to their many movements.

‘With every minute that went by, we did that even better and overall I am very happy with how we defended and managed this difficult game.

“There was a lot of work to do without praise; there was nobody here to cheer you for a tackle. A lot of hard work in secret was done, and that is why I am very happy.

On his teams professionalism he says,

“It felt like we weren’t in danger on the bench, but I was still nervous because football can change. It can be a crazy goal, a deflection or a bicycle kick, it can happen no matter how good you defend.

‘It’s very hard to play your best game against Porto. It’s part of your performance to not let your opponents perform. This is what they do, and this what we do also. Today was a day to hang in, show the effort and intensity and team spirit we needed.

“If you don’t have a lot of experience and you have a young team, it’s the moment to be together and fight hard. We deserved a clean sheet again, we deserved a clean sheet at Crystal Palace, and this was the key.

‘When you work hard, when you sweat a lot, you cannot be nervous. We encouraged everybody to accept we play hard games like this almost every three days at this intense level.’


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