Kimberly Anne Scott was born on Jan 9, 1975, in Warren to Kathleen and Casimer Sluck. She had a twin sister called Dawn Scott. The siblings grew up in Michigan but faced a lot of challenges during their childhood. Dawn passed away from a heroin overdose in 2016, aged 41.

Kimberly Anne Scott bio: Net Worth And Facts About Eminem’s Ex-wife

Kimberly Anne Scott is an American writer who has published many books and puzzles for children. She is also a freelance illustrator who through her work, has made quite a lot of money.

Kim Mathers net worth 

How much is Kim worth? She boasts of a net worth of $2 million. Her ex-husband, Eminem, has a net worth of $100 million. In 2018, he was ranked fourth alongside Drake in Forbes’ list of wealthiest artists of the year after Jay-Z, Diddy, and Dr. Dre.

The freelance illustrator owns a house in Macomb Township, Michigan, United States, worth millions of dollars. In 2003, her husband bought a mansion in Rochester Hills, Michigan, valued at $4.75 million.

When she was young, Kimberly Anne Scott revealed that she had been sexually exploited by her step-father. The former Eminem wife, along with her twin sister, wanted to run away from home. In 1998, they relocated to a home for young people on the outskirts of Detroit.

Kimberly Ann Scott Mathers and Eminem

If you’re curious how Kim Scott and Eminem came to know each other, they first met at a house party where she heard him singing. Kim was thirteen, while Eminem was 15. Eminem invited Kim to live with him at his mother’s house after having known each other for quite some time.

On December 25, 1995, while still living at Eminem’s house, Kimberly gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade. The two had an on-and-off relationship that caused Kim and Hailie to move out. They reconciled later and got married in 1999.

Kim and Eminem divorce 

What exactly happened between the two? There were several issues with the  Kimberly Anne Scott marriage that made them hate each other. Even songs were made by the rapper expressing his enormous disdain for her. He released the track Kim in 2000 that reflects his extreme anger towards his daughter’s mother.

In 1999, he also unveiled 97 Bonnie & Clyde, which defined his dislike of Kim Mathers as well. Then, Eminem’s wife was caught kissing her husband’s mutual friend.

The man was John Guerra, a fellow rapper. Eminem was enraged by the event, and he attacked Guerra, who filed a complaint later. Kim’s husband was sentenced to probation for two years. After marrying for two years, the pair agreed to sever their ties. Eminem referenced the incident in his track, The Kiss, from the 2002 album; ‘The Eminem Show.’

What happened to Kim

After breaking up with her daughter’s father, Kim began taking drugs. Kimberly Anne Scott was also charged with the use of cocaine and was convicted in 2001. Nevertheless, she was not charged. The author also dated Eric Harter and gave birth to Whitney, their beautiful daughter.

Harter is a tattoo artist from America. Before splitting, they were together for nearly a year. However, due to legal problems, the artist has not had the opportunity to meet his daughter.Back in 2013, Kimberly Anne Scott was convicted of felony drug possession and two driving offenses and was later released in 2006. For the second time, Kim and Eminem got back together, but not for long. They filed for another divorce after three months.

Here are some top facts about the talented writer

When and her sister were young, Kim’s parents parted ways. They were raised by her mother and step-father. At Lincoln High School, Kim, Dawn, and Eminem all studied.

In her life, Kimberly Anne Scott has had several attempts at suicide. Her black Cadillac Escalade was involved in one case and she got a $900 fine for drunk driving. After Eminem reportedly raped her during his Up in Smoke tour in 2001, she also tried to take her own life by cutting her wrists.

After he released the album, Kimberly Anne Scott sued Eminem in order for him to stop raping about her. In numerous broadcast and print interviews, he was also sued by his girlfriend, Debbie, for defaming her, claiming that she was an unstable substance addict.

In 2001, after finalizing their divorce, the court ordered Kimberly Scott’s ex-husband to pay her $1,000 a week or $52,000 in child support annually. Kim also has a son named Parker Scott, but there are no details about his father.

Released in 2002, the 8 Mile film told the real story of Eminem’s rise from poverty to a famous rapper. It also portrayed his complicated association with Kim. She wrote a book entitled, ‘Mommy! A Snot Man stands next to you ‘.

Since he has a runny nose, the book is about a little boy kept home from school by his mother. The boy knows what happens when he doesn’t clean his nose using a tissue.

Eminem apologized to his ex-wife for the pain he had caused her in his song Bad Husband from his album ‘Revival’ released in 2017. Kimberly Anne Scott likes listening to music, watching movies, shopping, and traveling. Her best actors are Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston.



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