Facebook Comedian, Majah Hype Releases Ex-girlfriend’s sextape (Video)

Latisha Kirby, estranged girlfriend of popular Caribbean comedian, Majah Hype has accused him of leaking her Sextape to disgrace her on the internet.Facebook Comedian, Majah Hype Releases Ex-girlfriend’s sextape (Video)

In a series of posts made by Latisha Kirby on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, she spoke of the harsh conditions and the pains she went through in the hands of Majah Hype.

The first live video she did was an apology to her family for pretending to be fine when she wasn’t and also disconnecting herself from them.

She followed up with another video calling out the comedian for releasing a 10-year-old sex tape of hers on the internet, an attempt to shut her up but she has refused to fall for it.

Latisha Kirby went on to reveal that Majah Hype wasn’t really sick as the news was peddled in the media and also he used voodoo on her.

Watch the video below:



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