Secondary school love

“Love is like a rock,easy to come by,hard to crack”

Love binds two souls together, today I came across a picture of a beautiful couple on social media, the picture was a wedding photo of two young couples alongside the picture they took together while in secondary school.

Secondary school love

The picture drew a lot of attention from media users,as they could not help but congratulate the couple. But amidst all congratulatory messages, I drew a very important moral lesson from that picture,the lesson is not far from the test of time in relationships. Yes,gold and silver are tested in fire to make them look as attractive as they look,so too a good relationship should stand the test of time.

But anyways, the best thing to do is to always put our future spouses in prayers,that God in His infinite mercy would grant them the ability to wait for us as well as grant us that same grace to able to wait for ours,this is because, very few people are lucky to find their better halves early in life, and the above couple are a wonderful example.


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