Police accuses and arrests 4 suspects for  trafficking of a sixteen weeks old baby for the sum of Thirty Thousand Naira in Katsina,Katsina state.

Gambo Isah, the police spokesman, had said that Mrs Umeh Chiwendu, a 45 years old from Ekwusigo local government area of Anambra state who was a successful trader of perishable goods and have been  barren for long  offered the sum of Three Hundred Thousand naira payment to Miss Zainab Adamu, the alledged  mother of the child to offer up the four months old baby for sale.


He further stated that the suspects were arrested on the 26th of November shortly after Umeh had taken the baby from his Mom and a huge sum of money being exchanged.

The Suspects were  also said to have originated from Adamawa , Delta and Anambra States but lived in Katsina except Mr Chukwudi Elias who was a resident of Anambra State but had come on a short visit to Katsina. They we’re also said to be between the ages of 25 and 45.

However,the suspects denied that the child was being sold and claimed the child was to be adopted. Mrs Umeh stated that she discussed her problems with her brother Kenneth who had introduced Miss Zainab to her, and she agreed to allow the baby live with her for the rest of the child’s life.

She also added that to formalise the adoption process the three of them (Mrs Umeh, Miss Zainab and Kenneth ? approached an orphanage in Katsina for the proper adoption process where they were arrested.

Zainab Adamu had equally admitted Mrs Umeh willing gave her the money, stating she would rather give out the baby to Mrs Umeh who could afford an ideal life for her baby.

Furthermore,the other suspect, Ruth Kenneth who spoke through her lawyer, Moses Okucah,said it was wrong for the police to have reached a conclusion.

The police further insisted the baby was sold as a proof of one hundred and sixty- five Naira was found on Zainab Adamu during the Arrest.

Nevertheless, investigation is still ongoing to properly handle the issue.


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