A total number of 925 police have been discovered not to have  undergone any form of recruitment excercises for the  10000 recruited candidates.

It was also stated that they had not even applied or partaken in the screening process, Medical examination or aptitude test.

According to the police commission spokeperson ,Mr ikechukwu Ani, had earlier written that constables properly recruited were screened, appointed and captured into the integrated payroll and personal information system (IPPIS) for approval of allowances and salaries.

The police commission have concluded that in the interest of the country and considering that adequate resources have been expended in the training of these candidates in which they have been exposed to weaponry and tactics ,have decided to rescreen these candidates.

Mr Ikechukwu Ani had said ” The candidate already rescreened except for those who were found to be criminally minded will be employed and should be expected to be captured by IPPIS and given appointment letters given to them.


Source: the nation’s news.


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