Human rights activist Yeye Sowore has blasted DSS over its accreditation of only 10 media houses to cover the trial of Nnamdi Kanu.

It would be recalled that the DSS only approved only 10 media houses to cover the trial of IPOB leader’s trial today in Abuja. The media Houses includes NTA, Nation, AIT, Channel TV etc

This decision has not gone well with Nigerians as many has expressed their disappointment in in the decision.

Mr Sowore took to his social media page to express his dissatisfaction over the decision. He says

“#FreeNnamdiKanuNow Lawless DSS had “accredited” only 10 media houses to cover @MaziNnamdiKanu trial, it will be a shame and a crime against #freepress for any independent news source to apply to DSS. This is highly condemnable and embarrassing! Below is the satanic list. “


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